Mid Week Progress

I am a bad, bad, girl,  When I should have been writing, I’ve been messing around on Facebook, or, like tonight, playing some bowling with the kid, Dave, and mom, on the Wii.  At least I can say it was fun.  Mom even enjoyed herself.

After the first couple if frames, she took off as if she had always played.  First round, teamed with Dave, she won, then we did solo play and she creamed all of us.  For once, even I had a decent game.  Poor Colin didn’t like coming in last place.  But, the little turkey has to learn how to lose gracefully.  Tonight, he did better than normal.  We’ll see what the future holds before we go congratulating him.

I really should be transcribing my book so I can get to work on writing new chapters.  But, I keep finding other, worthy, distractions.  This family fun is constructive at least.  We don’t do a whole lot together even on my days off.  So every minute we can, we stop everything and play.  I’m just glad we got mom in on the fun.

As far as my reading goal, that is coming along fine.  I’m almost done with my fifth book since the month started.  Two more of the Dragonriders of Pern series and I’ll have them done.  Then, I’ll start on the Talent series.  I may read the Crystal Singer saga, but who knows.  I wasn’t overly fond of the Crystal Singer but it is an interesting story line.  Jean M Auel’s Earth’s Children series is definitely on my list of books to read.  I love them all.

Come Thursday, I should have some time for writing and/or transcribing.  Got the day off due to working this past Saturday.  Then, it’ll be trudge through Friday to have a weekend off.

Enjoy your week, folks.  It’s going to get hot and muggy here.  I just hope it rains soon to relieve me of this nasty pain in my knee and back.