Hump Day #writemotivation

I should have posted this on Monday, but I was busy trying to make my desktop obey so I could move some files to my laptop.  Lat’s just say that I had to install Linux just to be able to get it to book then spent all evening making it see the network and compressing all of my E drive so I can sort files and find my WIPs for my goals.

Sadly, no progress on the editing/revising front and minimal on transcribing.  But, I can say I read five books in the past week, all but one of them a Pern book.  I finished the Dragonrider series Monday and promptly began reading the Talent and Hive series.

Without fail, the first of the five books in the Talent and Hive series, The Rowan, kept me glued until I finished tonight.  I just could not put it down for nothing and I know this book almost word for word from the many times I’ve read it.  I still love it!  Now with the rest in e-book format, I’ll read the others and enjoy the last one which came out after I left Job Corps some twenty-something years ago.

So, at least one goal is accomplished and will be continued into the next.

July’s goals will be the same since I’ll be able to get access to my story files while I fix my desktop PC.

I’m so lucky to have a real tech support guy for a boyfriend.  He makes fixing these problems much easier and guides me through the process.

I hope everyone else is doing well on their monthly goals or their CampNano projects.

Tell what you’re doing.  I’d love to hear about your progress!