It starts…

Well, after a bit of gnashing of teeth and futzing around with Facebook, I am finally starting the sort and shift of files that were compressed and moved to my laptop on Monday.

Yes, I know this should have been started sooner, but frankly, I needed a break from the net Tuesday, then yesterday tried to get that 8 gig .tar file to open yesterday.  One tiny problem…  My laptop couldn’t handle opening that big of a file.  So… we had to shift it over to my boyfriend ‘s computer and extract the files there.

Now, I have thus file on our server machine to sort through.  that well and good, but that means the files I keep will move slowly thanks to no gigbit link on the laptop.  It wasn’t meant to be my primary machine; just a wonderful portable so I can go to write-ins or visit people and still work on my writing, art, or what ever.

While this little Acer can do a lot, it doesn’t care for some of the sites I like to visit and ambles along slowly on the internet.  It is a trooper and I love it.  But, I will be happy when my main machine is back in working order again.

Writing?  Well, looks like that is temporarily on hold while I sort files and fix my main machine.  At least I can transcribe somewhere during all that file sorting.


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