Computer Status

I’m still working at getting the files of the one drive sorted out.  So far, I’ve deleted about ten folders and about 5000 files total, mostly duplicates or things no longer needed such as my Win 98 folder of themes and old emails where the information has been used and filed away in its proper file.

I did find the folder holding all my stories and current drafts of my various books in progress.  There are only a few duplicates but they are specific to the desktop and laptop so they won’t be disturbed.  There are quite a few files, about 200 stories in various stages.  Most were written by me and some written by friends which have saved.  Why I have a few .pdf files in there, I don’t know, but they will be moved to their own files later as I continue to sort and organize them.

There’s still several folders left to sort, but those are in my art folder.  Most are already sorted, but there’re a few which are repeated and need to be fixed so they won’t take up so much space.  Trust me when I say there is a lot to go through.

Tomorrow, I’m taking time away from the house and computer after grocery shopping.  Rather than go to the powwow down in Okmulgee and see Patti LaBelle and the Temptations in 98 degree heat with humidity, mom, Colin and I are going to the lake instead to enjoy the cool water and fresh air.  It’ll be a short drive no matter which way we go, so we may as well have some way to keep cool and refreshed without spending a lot of money.

Sunday, I’ll be back to working on my desktop, shifting another compressed file from another drive over then wiping all of them clean so we can reload Win7 and all the programs I’m using.  So, it looks as though I’ll be using my laptop for a while longer as the main machine until I get things situated on the PC.  While we’re reloading, I’ll be swapping out my ancient drive for a newer, if larger drive since I know that old one is starting to have some minor issues trying assess the space on it.  With more than half open, it keeps saying there’s not enough space for the compressed files it’s keeping.  None of what is going there takes up more than a gig tops and it has more than 8 free.  The files there overwrite previous or are deleted as needed  for the most recent back ups.

While all that is going on, I’ll be transcribing or doing some editing/revising for my June goals.

Geeze!  Hard to believe we are almost to the end of the month.  Where has the time gone?