So… Hot…!

To quote one of my favorite lines out of Spaceballs, “So… hot…!!!”

For those who live in Oklahoma and other southern and southwestern states with me, it got HOT today.  Over 100 degrees before it finally started cooling down.  When I left for work this morning, it was on the edge of comfortably warm and edging into the ‘I’m not going outside to save my life’ with enough humidity to slam that idea home.

Well,,, summer is finally here.  That means, I got to find a nearby pool to relax in or visit Mohawk Park or the lake until it cools off again.  So long as there is [plenty of cool water and shade, I don’t care.

This also means our furry friends will need extra care as well.  Plenty of water and someplace where the breezes and shade will help to keep them from becoming too stressed or sick in the heat.  Thankfully, my cat is an indoor cat so there’s no problems there.

Sadly, a cat which has made our apartment complex home didn’t have such wonderful accommodations.  To judge by how friendly and sweet this orange tabby was, he had a home before, but had lost it for some explicable reason.  He kept the property vermin free (with the exception of the squirrels) and was adored by many of the residents; including me.

This past week, he had become hurt.  Nothing visible or breaking the skin, but the poor thing could hardly walk, not even to get out of the rain we had last week.  He was smart enough to make his way to nice shady spot where he had some shelter from the weather and wouldn’t be stepped on by people.  In that spot, he seemed to wilt more and more each day.

Under my watchful eye, and the property manager, we made sure he got water and food, even some wet food to get his energy back.  He was enjoying the pampering even though none of us could bring him inside.  Not wanting him to get hurt by a group of very unruly kids in our complex, my mom and I got a hold of an organization which helps animals in need.

Sunday we took the tabby, whom I have dubbed Briar because of the name of our apartment complex, to an emergency vet clinic with help from Animal Aid.  We gave them what information we knew and let them know he as a very sweet and loving cat.  As proof, he allowed me to carry him in on a pillow and the technicians to handle him as they took him back to the examination rooms.

I hope his injuries weren’t too bad.  I’d love for him to be placed into a loving home and enjoy the life a good mouser should have.  Briar deserves it after all he’s been through.

While I could have taken him in and nursed him back to health, I’d still need a vet to determine the extent of his injuries and we don’t have the funds.  Caffeine would certainly love a playmate about his age and size and he is familiar with Briar.  They’d talk through the screens when the windows or backdoor are open.

That was my weekend.  No powwow due to the heat and the trip to the lake was aborted so we could take care of a cat in need.

All that happened this weekend could be added to any of my stories as something my protagonists would do.  Maybe not rescuing a cat who is sick and injured, but the humane arc to show they aren’t as bad as what they make themselves out to be.  Such as the former assassin who is forced to kill her friends because her former boss doesn’t know she is connected to them, or even a reluctant vampire trying to redeem her soul before she finally decides to end it all, things of this nature to keep the rough and gruff balanced and not everything being a fight to survive.

Way I look at it, Briar may become a part of my writing, some how, even though he cannot be a part of my life any more.

Have you found little acts of kindness in your everyday life finding ways into your writing?  I’d love to hear about them.


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