Oklahoma Summer #writemotivation

Today isn’t just Monday.  No, it is the first Monday of July.  Not only that, we had our first real rain in about a month today; which is a wonderful thing when you stop and think about it.  For those who were out in it when the downpour began, not so good, but I bet they enjoyed the cooling effect of rain as much as I enjoyed listening to it while at work.

Honestly, it down-poured for about 15 minutes or so before tapering off into partly cloudy skies when I left a couple of hours later.  The air felt fresh and cool compared to the think, humid heat of this morning.  Once the rain had passed, even the pain in my back and the headache left making for a much happier and friendlier pharmacy technician.

This is Oklahoma summer.  It gets excruciatingly hot, humid and uncomfortable through July, August and most of September where the air conditioner rarely turns off during the hottest part of the day and the nights are what could be considered humid and warm.  No such thing as cool in this state during the summer!

To be frank, if I could migrate northward for the summer, I’d be happy.  But, since that takes money I don’t have, I’ll suffer with the heat and humidity with the rest of us.  Still, it would be nice to be cool and comfortable all year long.

In light of all this discomfort, I’m ready to work on this month’s Writemotivation goals.  I’m keeping them simple this month.  Well… to be honest, they are last month’s goals.  Good reason for this, too.

Due to my desktop deciding it was going to bork up in a most profound way when I was switching out drives, I haven’t been able to get access to my story files until about a week or so ago.  There’s also a lot of picture files and they all needed sorting to get rid of duplicates of duplicates.  back ups are fine, but not four or five of each file.  There were also a lot of files I didn’t need any more, too.

Cut out a few hundred megabytes of extra files and unneeded fluff and I have those folders trimmed down and neat for when I have those drives ready to accept them.  Not much longer!

On to the motivation goals!

1) Edit/Revise the prologue and first five chapters of Black Friday.

I should have done this already during the past week since I have the files handy on my laptop.  This will be done then I’ll set up a Kickstarter to build funds to re-submit this to replace the current book.  The reviews, while good, pointed to a few problems which should be addressed.  At least they liked it.  😀

2) Finish transcribing Black Friday 2 and write at least one more chapter.

This should have been long done but just could not get myself up to working on this while the desktop was down.  It just didn’t seem fair to my other works in progress.  (call me weird)

3) Start fifth round of edits/revisions on Society of Night and Lies.

This round of edits may take a while.  I’ll be submitting the same excerpts for critique until it passes then I’ll move on to the next set and do the same.  So as not to wait months before this is done, I’ll be asking you, my watchers to critique to help move things along faster.

4) Read. Doesn’t matter what book I read. Just read to relearn the styles of my favorite authors.

This one is the only goal I accomplished the last month.  Believe it or not, I read 25 books throughout June.  I expect to do it again.  This month, I am starting off my reading adventures with Piers Anthony and his Blue Adept series.  I absolutely love this series and how it develops.  Next will be David Eddings and his Belgariad and all the books that go with it.  Then, when that is done, it’ll be off to the ancient past with Jean M Auel’s Earth’s Children series, also known as Clan of the Cave Bear.  Plenty of good reading before I decide to dive into the science fiction novels we have on our book shelves.

These reading brain breaks are wonderful.  Now, to pull myself out of these books just so I can delve into my own.  >.<


3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Summer #writemotivation

  1. 25 books – holy cow! I’m VERY impressed. I’m gonna have to step it up, I think, because I only read about…*counts on fingers*…four. Ouch. 🙂

    Good luck with your goals!

    1. I absorb books quickly and have a good comprehension level with each story. but, these were also my favorite series and authors, so I’d retain more and read them faster.

      Thank you for the cheer. I hope you do well with your goals, too.

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