Late Hump Day

I should have posted this on Wednesday as the official Hump Day post, but… you got the holiday eve ramble instead.  I hope everyone enjoyed it.  I had to re-write it a few times just so it didn’t sound like a rant about our lovely nation.

Be glad I did, because what was originally said would have made more than a few leave and never look back.

Onward to the mid and late week happenings…

Even though we had a major holiday (in American it is a major holiday) work has been hectic.  We’ve met or beat fill counts from last year which makes my boss happy but makes for the writerly-technician very tired.  Add above 100 degree temps to drive in and you get a very drained author.  To put it simply, I was so hot and tired yesterday, I was having a hard time cooling down after getting home and had an upset stomach to the point I was unable to keep my eyes open at my desk.  I thought I’d read on my bed and instead fell asleep with my cat trying to get my attention.  Dave woke me up around 9:30 and had me get into my night-shirt.  After that, I was dead to the world until the alarm went off this morning and I wasn’t stiff or sore from the long sleep either.

Waking with no pain was a first.

Today was better, but it was very busy at work.  The only good thing I can say about today is I have my computer fully reloaded and ready to handle the intricacies of writing, editing, and revising my many stories.  I could have started Thursday, or even Wednesday, but was too interested in cooking or trying to get up the energy to move.

While this does put me behind on my goals for the month, it isn’t that bad.  Before I go to bed, I’ll be working on some more of my transcribing to get that going once again.  After I return from swimming tomorrow, I’ll be back to editing Society of Night and Lies.

No more slacking off with reading as an excuse or playing on Facebook.  I must get these stories done or else I’ll never reach my long term goals.  Even Test of Ascension has its part in my future once I get my beta readers to respond.  Only one has an excuse for not getting back to me.  The others I haven’t heard from in a while.

That’s it for now.  I hope everyone has a happy weekend!