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Today’s excerpt comes from the first of what has become a series of stories which detail the evolution of a species I created called the Kiyrie; a race of winged feline who possess some magic of their own.  This story tells of not just how the species came to be but also the legend of how the world came into being.  Due to lack of imagination at the time of writing, I used Egyptian god names; such as Bast, Osiris, Hathor, and others but these also reflect that this world is our own, but placed in a very distant, if improbable future of our world.  This one is titled How the Kiyrie Got Their Wings.  It’s a working title.

While I would love to put more into my excerpts, I’m keeping this one short enough to see how the Earth was formed and which of those ancient gods was chosen to watch over our planet.    I doubt this series will ever see print except for on my own website at  But, who knows what the future will bring.  True?

Long ago in a time forgotten by most immortals, all was darkness, formless, without life or being. Only one being was alive then, Eth, our first creator, the most powerful of all the gods. Eth existed within this formless void without form or gender, living in the pureness that is its soul. As time, in its crude sense then, passed, Eth began to slowly realize that he was alone. With this realization, it grew lonely and yearned for a companion to fill the emptiness in it.

Eth’s thoughts echoed throughout the darkness, crying out for an eternal companion. With that deep plea, a Spark of Life was formed. The Spark was weak and very small, but it was alive and Eth instantly loved it with its entire being. Because the formless void was so cold, and the Spark was so weak, it slowly began to fade as it pulsed with its warm light.

The plight of this first companion touched Eth’s heart, the fear of being alone again consuming him until the First Tear fell from its cheek and floated beside the fading spark. The Tear grew within the cold of the void and pulled energy from the fading spark, causing its light to dim even further. Eth cried out again in fear of the Spark’s life, creating the Light of Hope. The Light of Hope lured the Tear away from the spark and gave its own life-giving energy so the new Tear wouldn’t draw from the fading spark.

With the Tear drawn away, Eth cradled the Spark to his bosom and nurtured it until the light could sustain itself. Because of the tender nurturing it had received from Eth, the Spark of Life began to grow with added life, making the first being within the entire universe with a form all its own. The Spark of Life also had something Eth did not, the Spark had gender, something new and unique.

The Spark of Life’s gender was male, and as he grew under the care of Eth’s wisdom, he gained knowledge and power. As time passed, the Spark finished maturing, but he still yearned to learn more. His curiosity led him to explore the vast darkness of the Universe. During his explorations, the Spark found the Light of Hope tucked away in a hidden corner where the First Tear could not see the Spark as he grew and matured.

When the Sparks eyes fell upon the sparkling Tear, his heart swelled with an eternal love. So much was his love that it burned brighter than the Light of Hope, drawing the Tear’s attention away from it to the Spark. The Tear moved away from the Light of Hope and into the Spark’s hands where it began to spin and reflect the light of his burning love.

The Tear fed from the Spark’s love, causing it shine like a diamond in the darkness. As it fed, it grew and gained knowledge from the Spark until it too had form, and gender. The Tear, when it finished growing under the Spark’s care, became female. Together, they yearned to learn more about their Universe and the vastness the darkness held. When Eth saw the bond its Spark of Life and the First Tear had, it smiled and accepted their union. When Eth blessed their union, the Tear consummated it with a kiss that still fills the universe to this day.

For a while, everything was all and good until the Tear, with all her curiosity, noticed that it was Eth that had a name, then she began to wish for one herself. She spoke with her mate, the Spark. In his wisdom, the Spark suggested they go to Eth and ask it about a name. So, together, they approached Eth and asked. For a while, Eth thought about their request. Since it was such a simple request, he gave them names.

To the Spark, he gave the name Osiris, for he is the Light of Life and the father of all beings. To the Tear, Eth gave the name Hathor, the Tear of love and caring. With these names, they were given the power to create life.

From this new power, Hathor created the first new life. She nurtured it inside her body much like Eth did with Osiris, feeding it from her own vast energy of love and caring. Even though he could not see it, Osiris loved this new life and did everything he could to make sure his beloved mate was comfortable until it was born.

While the new life grew within its mother, Osiris made a cradle, and called it heaven. Here, the new life would rest until it could sustain itself and learn to be on its own. Just before the new life was to be born, he moved Heaven closer to the Light of Hope, so that it may illuminate his first child.

Time passed quickly for the small family while the new life grew in its mother’s womb, causing her to grow large and round. When the time came for her child to be born, she went off to be alone though her mate wished her to stay with him. As she labored, Osiris paced the darkness, throwing up sparks with his footsteps and creating the first stars to brighten the eternal void. He traced a path through those first stars until they formed a band much like is seen today.

Eth, while he waited for the birth created a gift for this new life, a soft warm blanket in which to wrap the tiny being in so it may remain warm. As Hathor began to push the new life from her body, Eth placed the blanket beneath her, ruining it with the birth waters that flowed from her body. Soon, a tiny new life with its own form and gender appeared and cried with its first breath.

The new parents admired their child while Eth took the ruined gift and the afterbirth and wadded them into a ball. It then placed the ball near the Light of Hope to dry and set it to slowly spin so it will dry evenly. Before it left to admire its first grandchild, Eth set the slowly spinning ball to the far side of the light so that its sight won’t disturb the parents or the child.

This first child, a girl, grew under the tender care of her parents, gaining strength and knowledge over the vastness of time. In her early days, brothers of Osiris and sisters of Hathor were created so they would have help in raising the young Bast and her brothers and sisters. She was adored by them as the first child, but she was also one of the slowest to develop.

As she grew, Bast questioned everything, wanting to know why everything was. With patient care, her uncles, aunts and parents answered her questions. Soon, she began to wander the universe, looking at everything that was created before her birth then naming them. Bestowing on them, a certain power. Each star she called friend and for, they’d shine brightly against the black void. Her favorite star, she named Poalir, because it glowed more brightly than any jewel and guided her through the darkness.

The light Poalir guided her to the Light of Hope and the ball that was her birthing gift. The ball spun without life or purpose in the light. When she asked why, Eth told her so that it could be reformed into a gift for her. Her tears of joy, and love for Eth, fell onto the ball to create pools, then streams which then flowed together, forming vast expanses of water on the ball’s surface. There was a sadness in the tears she shed, because she could not enjoy the gift she was given.

I hope you enjoyed this tidbit.  I would like to hear some feedback on this piece.  It is an example of some of my early writing before I decided to take it seriously.  If you wish to see more, just ask and I will email a copy for the full critique and enjoyment.