Writerly Goodness

Today was a good day as far as writing.  I’m still working on transcribing Black Friday 2, starting on chapter four as we speak, but there is progress.


Took three days just to go through chapter three.  Three very arduous days trying to be comfortable on my bed with a makeshift lap desk while my back and knees complained.  Of course, I was also talking with a friend I haven’t seen in a while in one of my text based games and chatting over YIM with another.

That does slow things down a bit.

Thanks to yesterday’s unexpected storm, things aren’t as sore as they were but still uncomfortable.  Honestly, I’m recovering from two slips last weekend.  Both were on wet floors.  One was at the pool right in front of the women’s locker room door.  My ankle shifted while I was stepping and down I went.  Didn’t hurt nothing my ‘pride’.  Heh

The other was Sunday after work, in my own bathroom no less.  I didn’t see or know there was water on the floor when I stepped in it.  I barely had my foot planted when I went flying and hit everything but my head down to the floor.  Knocked my back out and jerked my good knee and wrenched my bad knee.  Moving for a while afterward was not fun and I had to cook dinner because Dave was sick.  Work the next day was murder and I was glad I could take care of the drop off window where I could sit as needed.

Been a long week trying to work on getting the hand written stuff typed and edited without aching too much.  That’s why I’m glad today went so well.  Barring my back being sore and my knees stiff, I was fine for sitting at the write-in.  Nothing I could ignore just to socialize with others in my area and enjoy some good conversation.

While going through chapter three, I had to stop and wonder what I was thinking with some of the action.  There’s a fight scene, however brief, of Karina and Marcus trying to free a group of therians trapped when they are accosted by a couple of humans intent on keeping their captives there and hopefully knocking the new ones out long enough to add to their group.  Naturally, they weren’t caught but not without someone getting beaten and some bruises to slow them down.

Let’s just say, I know how Karina feels right now.

Onward to chapter four and Karina’s new role as a leader and teacher!  She honestly doesn’t like this idea, but I won’t tell why.