Monday Goal Check #writemotivation

Hard to believe another week has rolled on by without so much as a how-do-you-do.  While it wasn’t all that hot since last time I checked in on the goals, it hasn’t been very cool either.  Even the storm we had on Friday didn’t assuage the heat very much.  But, I can say things have been looking up in so many different ways.

Firstly, it has been a week of laughs.  The Bare naked Critique, one the blogs I follow and a wonderful writer herself, has written a couple of reviews which had me chuckling and passing the links on to my friends.  In person, she is a vivacious woman with a good sense of humor and enjoys cheering on her fellow NaNoers.  If you aren’t following her, which I am sure the vast majority of you are, then do so.  She’s well worth the read.  I promise.

Secondly, it has been a week of recovery.  I had mentioned in an earlier post of the falls I had and the aches they’ve created.  Nothing seriously hurt but bruised and knocked about enough to make my normal activities slow and painful.. Thankfully, I have some decent pain meds to help me slog through a day of work and be comfortable enough to sit and write at my desk or in bed if my back is just too sore.

Thirdly, I actually put this down time to good use.  I actually got work done on one of my goals, which you will soon see.  The other two I’ll be doing more once I get this difficult one out of the way.

So, it has been a progressive week with a good bit of humor to keep things merry.  You can’t get much better when there’s so much to do.

The only thing I didn’t do was a lot of reading.  While I do like the book Split Infinity by Piers Anthony, I found myself getting bored with the tangents he took.  Still a wonderful book but I don’t remember those tangents bothering me like this when I first read his Apprentice Adept series.  Of course, back then, I was very naive about many things in writing and simply enjoyed the books.  Also, I was distracted by a new game I have on my smart phone called Jewels.  It’s a version of Bejeweled that is just as addictive, fun, and frustrating as the original game.

At least it wasn’t Facebook which slowed me down.  >.<

1) Edit/Revise the prologue and first five chapters of Black Friday.

I haven’t done any actual work beyond putting this one through the grammar checker and reviewing the Prologue.  I’ve noted a few places which need revising but nothing else.  So, it has been touched, just not really worked on.

2) Finish transcribing Black Friday 2 and write at least one more chapter.

This one will be half way finished tonight.  Chapter six is sitting in front me just waiting for me to start transcribing.  This chapter does need to be finished before the next written but it shouldn’t need much before the scene changes and the new chapter begins.

3) Start fifth round of edits/revisions on Society of Night and Lies.

To be honest, I have done some, which is all this goal says I need to do to start, but I want to do more than just make a couple of corrections.  This will be revised to say the first two chapters of Society of Night and Lies to receive the edits/revisions.  That’ll be a better start than just starting it.

4) Read. Doesn’t matter what book I read. Just read to relearn the styles of my favorite authors.

This one was accomplished before the first day was done, so it’s just continuing to read.  It’ll remain a constant for me until November then the only goal for that month is to reach the word goal with something of a story.  I intend to write another 50K words on something even if it isn’t a new story or stories.


4 thoughts on “Monday Goal Check #writemotivation

  1. The heat has been almost unbearable. Definitely not comfortable for me at the moment – which is odd considering I usually deal with the heat really well.

    Anyhu – your goals seem to be flying along. July sounds like it’s going to be a friendly month for you 😀 This is a great thing!

    1. You have a good reason for not handling the heat very well. 😉 I was in your shoes with my first son almost 18 years ago. Carrying through the hottest months was terrible. Give me a winter pregnancy any time. 😀 Thank you for the encouragement. It’s been a rough month but it has definitely been well worth it.

  2. Glad to hear you have been recovering! Also seems you have been steadily working on your goals, even a little bit done on each is progress! Congrats 🙂

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