V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! What’s That Spell?

Oh what a week it has been.  I’ll say this, it has been a very long week with plenty of highs to make this weekend extra fantabulous!

Normally, on Wednesday, I’ll make a post about my progress as far as writing and what little tidbits of day to day life are worthy of telling the world.  I skipped that this week because I was busy making some very good progress in my writing and took Colin to the library to get his very own library card and he picked out a couple of books.  Yesterday, Thursday, I didn’t get home until late due to a huge storm and some shopping.  Plus, one other small, if personal, event.

Starting off with my writing…

I completed the unfinished chapter six of Black Friday 2.  I had to work out how she handles going from a small group of refugees to a much larger and hungry group.  Since she is much like myself, I had to do something I couldn’t; leave the camp just to get some fresh air and some alone time to organize her thoughts and think about how she’s going to take care of so many new therians.  During this time, she has a talk with Hathor who gives her a couple of insights of what is to come and to just trust in fate and her goddess.  The natural beauty of late autumn/early winter in the upper Appalachian Mountains helped as well in calming her thoughts so she could focus on the problems at hand.

All that’s needed now is for chapter seven to be written.  I know how I want it to start and what has to happen.  This is the chapter she finds an empty campground where there are lots of cabins plus a main building.  Nothing a normal human would want to spend the winter in and has been closed for a while.  Along the way, they will meet up with her parents who had taken a different route to the meeting place then followed their trail to catch up.  Once they are in their camp and hunting, winter will hit will full northern force.

I don’t know if there is an actual place like this, in the Appalachian Mountains, but then again, this is fiction.  This alternate earth could very well have such a place abandoned due to the poor economy.  I do need a suggestion for the campground’s name and possibly a real town that could be close by.  I do appreciate the ideas and help.

Next, progress my son has been making…

Due to my son and David’s forgetfulness, the boy had gone three days without his medication.  He, my son, has ADHD and takes Focalin 2.5 to help manage it.  This is the lowest dose to get and it does quite well.  To help it, he also takes Tenex.  Both of these together make a much more mellow and happy child.  He showed us he can be well behaved in active situations without them, but he does get wound up when tired; which these help prevent.  This is such good news, we told his therapists who also praised him and gave him rewards.  This is what we are working toward; him not needing the medications to function properly in society.  Active is fine, but bouncing off the walls is not good at all.

I saved the best for last.

After growing my hair for a little over a year, I finally got it cut.  For a while, I had been growing my hair for Locks For Love, a charity that takes donations of hair to make wigs for chemotherapy patients.  This year, I gave more than a foot of hair.  There was more than enough to make two nice wigs for some lucky man or woman; thick, no chemical process done, or coloring, a neutral shade of blonde that accepts color very well.

My hair went from the small of my back requiring two rubber bands to contain it on the best of days to just below the shoulders when wet.   The natural waves are now seen and they make it look like I have a loose perm.  I can still make a ponytail when I want and it looks cute.  Now, my bangs, which were long enough to drape over my bosom are now trimmed up to just above my eyebrows.  They feather back on their own now when I brush.  Speaking of brushing!  Now, it takes less than five minutes to brush my hair in the morning instead of 20 minutes.

On top of all of that, the hair cut has relieved the strain of my neck.  My neck has always been stiff and sore due to the weight hanging from my head and it created some nasty headaches.  Muscles are still stiff and sore, but in a different way and there’s no headache.  So much better all around and cooler, too.

While I was waiting for my turn in the chair, mom came in to witness it.  I guess she wanted to make sure I was going to go through with the haircut.  We all heard the first booms of thunder and the downpour that followed.  That storm raged for about thirty minutes or so and was just trickling to an end when we left after doing some shopping.  On my way out, I saw some of the damage the winds had made.  One of the golden rain trees lining the main drive into the parking lot had been blown over, roots and all and was partially in the road.  I was amazed it was just that one tree of the four it was lined with that blew over.  There were no weak roots or loose earth around it.  It was still there on my home tonight.  I hope Wal-Mart decides to have it removed soon.

What a way to start my vacation time.  I’m not going anywhere.  There will be plenty of time for me to work on my writing with few interruptions; such as work.  This is sort of a gift for my son who celebrates his eighth birthday on Tuesday.  I’ll be taking him swimming some time next week and when it isn’t too hot, to the park or where ever he wants to go.  I want to spend some time working on my novels and those will be worked in at different points when he’s wanting to hang with his daddy or play video games.

Just thinking about sleeping late and not rushing about to get to work on time has made this a slow week.  I don’t expect to do a lot beyond entertaining my little boy.  He deserves it.