Sunday Excerpts #excerpt #fiction #amwriting

Today’s excerpt picks up where last week’s ended.  Karina is still talking to Hathor who has taken up residence in her mind.  While such a powerful being can see anything she wants, Hathor doesn’t look at everything, only those memories and thoughts which the feline has public or near the top of her thoughts.   Here, Karina voices her concerns and asks what is to come.

I knew she could see in my memories how I felt then and still feel now. Even though there were no bars, I felt like I was in a cage with no avenue of escape. With everything changing so quickly, I have no way to adjust. I could only react as each new twist came to me.
~I can see that you feel trapped with all we’ve placed on you. While it is still early in the discovery of your people, the rewards in the end will make this all well worth it.~ Her voice held the promise of hope though I wished I could see her face to face.
Sighing, I closed my eyes and turned away from the edge of the ridge I was standing on. “I hope so. Not just for me, but for all therians,” I said softly. Even though I wasn’t ready to go back, I started to walk back down the path slowly. “That still doesn’t help with the current problem.”
~What problem would that be,” the goddess asked, oblivious to the perils of mortals in general though she was rather well connected to the living world without me.
“Where should I begin,” I said sharply then immediately felt regret for being terse with a god. “Food, shelter, teaching, my own training, take your pick. I’m sure one sticks out.”
Hathor remained quiet. For a moment, I thought she had left then I felt her strong presence again. ~These aren’t anything to worry about. All will be provided for you.~
Sometimes, the gods made me want to pull my fur out. “Uh, I think they are something to worry about. We went from eight people to feed and teach to thirty. What did Nick do, put out flyers that he was gathering therians?” Shaking my head, I gestured with a hand-paw and growled, “Eight people was hard enough to hunt for and find decent shelter. We could huddle in a cave together and not need much to keep warm once the snows arrived. But, with thirty, we just can’t handle that kind of hunting, even if some of them are deer types. Until today, I didn’t even know there were deer therians! I thought all therians were predators.”
~The deer folk are not common.~ Hathor stated, almost guiltily, ~Even we gods had thought them extinct until recently. I am very glad they have not disappeared.~ She paused then I heard and felt her chuckle softly. ~The Chosen One did not seek them out. They came to him and he merely led them to you. It seems the magic you have learned is starting to manifest. Come spring, you will be able to give your people their rightful magic.~
Stopping dead in my tracks, I blinked then flicked my ears back and growled. “Why would they go to him and why is the magic starting to manifest?” There was no way I could wrap my brain around the message behind her words.
Once again, I heard her laughter within my mind, this time I felt the ripples of merriment radiating from her place within my brain. ~They weren’t going to him, per se. They came to him so he could lead them to you. They were looking for you. The magic you are looking to hold is beginning to work and it has been spreading out from your spirit in waves; even as you slept. Soon, you will be able to do much more and your people will be strong once more. Even though your lessons aren’t complete, you instinctively started using it. I did not see this until you mentioned it.~
For once, she made it so I could not speak. Not physically, but with what she said. I was speechless. What she said made perfect sense for once. Why I was starting to us the magic was supposed to conserve until Spring, I didn’t know, but the evidence was there.
~Your instincts knew you were ready to start summoning your people,~ she said, answering my private and unvoiced question. ~Your instincts are very strong, my child. It is true, you are more cat than human in your aspect.~
There was no denying that I preferred my feline side over my human side. I was too much like the cat I represented in many ways; usually to the point of putting people and therians off, but… now it worked for me. “What about the warning I felt when I woke up,” I then asked, curious to hear what she’d say.
~That was the magic, myself, and your own instincts.~ she answered without hesitation and truthfully. ~The camp you have now will be not be safe for much longer and more therians will be looking for you. You and the other must move quickly to a new place.~
“Just where are we to go,” I asked, irritated that she’d tell me to do something I was going to do anyway. Only, I had no idea where to lead them.
~You will know,~ Hathor said with mild amusement before she fell silent and her presence was no longer felt in my mind.
That was not what I wanted to know. As much as I raged at the forest, I could not bring her presence back. She was more stubborn than the mules I used to stalk when I was a young feline learning how to hunt with the old Shaman.
At least I knew there was a direction and a way. With the magic starting to emanate from me, I needed to focus it on finding a place for all of us to live until it could be given out to all theriankind. How to do that, I didn’t know, but Hathor mentioned my instincts.
Pondering all that, I headed back to the camp. As the grade became less steep, I fell into an easy lope back into the camp. Along the way, A natural deer was flushed out. Without a second thought, I gave chase and brought it down with little blood. Smiling to myself, that deer became the next meal for the predators. That still didn’t ease my mind about finding food for the deer therians with us and others which could be on their way.