Too Hot!! #writemotivation

We have finally come to the end of the month.  The question still remains… where did July go?  Did it melt along with that ice cream cone at the park, or dry up like  the creek running next door to my apartment complex?  Either way, the month is gone and I barely remembered where it all went.

I can say this, it has been a busy month on all accounts.  At work, we’ve been filling prescriptions like there is no tomorrow thanks to people going on vacation; both coming and going.  On the home from, Colin was gearing up for his birthday and he enjoyed every bit of it.  Though he was a little disappointed by the gifts (both educational) he received, he does like them and has proven just how smart he really is.  On top of that, we‘ve been taking him to the library at least once a week for new books.

As for me, I started the month with the attitude of how I can smack a person and get away with it  I was tense and could barely manage to focus on my writing.  Then, this past week, I was off, a nice relaxing week of no worries, staying up late reading or playing games and sleeping in late.  It felt so nice to not have to be on a schedule except for the normal Thursday therapy sessions for my son.

Now, I am relaxed and very pleased with myself even though it has been a hectic day in the pharmacy.  During my vacation, I also took the time to work on my projects and have a reason to be so pleased with myself.  Since it was way too hot to go outside and Mother nature demanded I not venture far, I couldn’t do much beyond watching TV, read, and write when not tickling my now eight year old son.

I got a cookie for finishing my goals for the month!

Virtual Cookie from #writemotivation

1) Edit/Revise the prologue and first five chapters of Black Friday.

I am pleased to say that I finished this goal tonight before writing this post.  There’s still a lot left to do before I will consider it ready to be left alone, but far enough along I need to hand it over to a couple of friends who volunteered to proof and critique it.  But, my part is done.  I just need someone else to look at it and see what is missing or should be re-worded.  Grammar does need to be double checked too since I know I can use a lot of help in that department.

2) Finish transcribing Black Friday 2 and write at least one more chapter.

This is now complete, both parts  of it!  I managed to write the seventh chapter Friday or Saturday and felt too lazy to bother reporting it.  I was on vacation.  I didn’t want to have to get up and do something, but I did reward myself with some fun RP with a few friends.

3) Start fifth round of edits/revisions on Society of Night and Lies.


This has been started.  What I’ve done to chapter one has been given to my critique group and they spotted a few more things.  One being there’s more telling than showing, still, and suggestions offered.  I do have the notes they’ve made so I can make good use of them.  Michelle took to heart what I said, don’t hold back on the critique.  I can’t fix or learn anything if no one points it out.  There are a couple of other things which are more minor, but they’ll be taken care of as well.  Thanks gals!

4) Read. Doesn’t matter what book I read. Just read to relearn the styles of my favorite authors.


Naturally, I’ve been working on this goal.  Not quite as much during my vacation, but it was nice to sit back and not have work interrupt a good chapter.

I can’t wait to hear how everyone else is doing.  I’ve already seen and read a few in this group already.  Good going everyone!