How Do You Spell Relief? R-A-I-N

As I write this, it is starting to rain.  Finally!  After several weeks of nothing but hot sunshine and triple digit temps, we are seeing some much needed relief here in old T-town USA.  If the pressure of this front wasn’t making my joints and headache, I’d be outside enjoying the calming touch of the light shower.  But, then again, it’s also thundering out there and we can see flashes of lightning through the back door curtain, too.  It’s safer in here.

Naturally, I knew this was coming earlier this week just because my joints hate the fact I am getting older and there’s arthritis building up in places or taking away some much needed cartilage.  Not at all fun, but I am rarely wrong.

But, this coming front probably had a little to do with the migraine that started Tuesday.  For three days it lasted, and there’ still the last vestiges clinging now.  That migraine thwarted any attempts at writing, or even considering what goals to make for August.  Four days in and I am just now able to think without hurting myself, but my computer time is limited because too much just makes me tired.

This migraine wasn’t all bad.  As I recover from it, I am given something else to add to my writing.  A new way to describe pain without having to think about birth.  Never have I had my head hurt like this.  Imagine a circular vise wrapped around your head and tightened until snug then add a large stone to the back.  That’s how my skull felt while the feeling my brain was swelling to push on those walls to seek release and more room to expand.

There was no stupidity to cause the need for my brain to explode.  All was pretty calm save for a few little things which were as funny as they were dumb.

Enough of that, there are goals to consider.

Seeing as school will be starting soon for my boys, I should keep these fairly simple because I know there won’t be quite as much time as there was during this summer.  Colin will need extra guidance and structure until we all settle in.

Goals for August:

1. Work on chapters 1 through 3 of Society of Night and Lies.  Make them shine with more show and a bit less tell.

The last critique session told me a lot though the improvements were enjoyed.  There just needs to be more done.  I also checked out the book Scene and Structure to help out.

2. If there’s time, write two more chapters to Black Friday 2.

I’m not going to push this one.  It’ll be the extra for the month if I manage to get through the chapters of SoNL.

3. Read.  Doesn’t matter which author or genre, just read.

Going to keep this one going.  It works quite well in relaxing and coming up with new ideas to work into my stories.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Spell Relief? R-A-I-N

  1. Those are very attainable goals for the month, methinks, especially with the meet-up on Saturday!

    It’s so lovely outside this morning! The rain is truly a relief right now . . . we just need more of it!

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