Sunday Excerpt #excerpt #fiction

Today’s excerpt comes from a story I started about a year ago, or so, and have recently unearthed it in my room.  For now, it exists only on paper, so what you see is transcribed straight from the composition book I have it in.  I’m not sure what the premise of this piece is, yet, and at the time, I was getting the idea out of my head.

I hope you enjoy Children of Luna.

The silence of the room was broken by the heavy sound of a furry body hitting the bottom of the glass enclosure’s floor.  Claws scraped the smooth bottom of the clear cage as the creature tried to get to its paws.  Thin high pitched whimpers emitted from an unseen source when the creature managed to get to its feet and peer fearfully at the people who were gathered around to stare in fascination at it.

Afraid, the creature edged back; away from the stern and angry faces looking at it.  The hope was that it could get away from the very beings who were watching it so intently.  At least that was the general feeling it was giving in its motions and skittish behavior.  It wanted to hide from them and the ones who were still within the glass enclosure close to the only route of escape.

The sourceless whimpers grew in intensity when the creature found the back wall of the cage and heard the whine of the cooling system kicking in.  Behind the frightened sounds, the sense of fear built up in ever increasing waves.  Soon enough, even the most hardened of the gathered observers could feel and hear the fright of their newest captive.  As the sense of fear grew, the closest of the people wavered on their feet then fell to the floor with cries of soul wrenching fear and holding their ears in a futile attempt to block the sounds and projected emotions.  As they succumbed to the fear and hopelessness, they curled up into a fetal position there on the floor.

Concerned murmuring rose in pitch as one by one the observers fell from the effects of the mental cries.  None of them knew where they were coming from nor how they could be affected by them.  As each fell, they reacted to the mental barrage in their own way.

Though most fell to the floor and curled up to protect themselves from the looming fear emanating from nowhere and everywhere at once, others huddled with their knees drawn close, hugged tight to their bodies as they rocked and stared at nothing with their eyes wide open as tears streamed down their cheeks.  Only the most serene and stoic backed up against the farthest wall.  Only one, a petite woman stood and covered her face with her hands and cried into them when the fear finally overcame her.  They were all caught in the control of the runaway emotion.  It caused them pain to try to resist it.

As much as it hurt her, the woman felt the overwhelming desire to soothe the poor caged creature.  Dredging up every ounce of strength she had, she forced herself to get closer to the glass walls.  She had no idea what the creature was or where it had come from.  All she knew was that it had to be the source of the rampant fear her colleagues, and her, were feeling.

Some remote part of her mind told her that there could be no other source except for the strange creature they were observing.  None were feeling anything except curiosity and fascination for this new discovery before it was forced into the enclosure.  Only after it was trapped did they come under attack by the waves of fear.

The closer she got to the glass cage, the more frightened she became.  Just a few precious steps away and she was forced to stop due to the overwhelming desire to turn and run along with the near deafening cries in her head.  Holding her hands ineffectually to her ears, she made herself stare at the furry little creature and tried to look into its wide green-brown eyes.  As much as the desire to run away was pushing at her, the more motherly, protective, side she had for all young creatures pushed back, giving her some relief from what was coming at her.

Trying not to collapse, the woman knelt down onto her knees then held herself up with one hand braced on the cold tile floor.  Shaking, she began to speak softly.  “Easy there, little one.  Don’t be afraid.  I won’t hurt you.  Shush, there is nothing to be afraid of in here.  No one wants to cause you any harm.”

With her voice shaking from the intensity of the mental attacks, she repeated over and over the same thing and tried hard to look as calm and non-threatening to the little creature as she could.  It was hard for her to look so calm amidst all the pain she felt in her head.  In spite of it all it was doing to her, her heart went out to the creature.  Just looking at it, shaking in fear against the back wall and clutching at anything that it could, she wanted to hold it in her arms and soothe the fears away as if it were a small child.