Checking Up from the Neck Up #writemotivation

Honestly, I do need one.  *shudder*  I missed yesterday (Monday) because I wasn’t feeling up to writing much of anything and sort of stared at the opening of my novel Society of Night and Lies.  I’m considering changing the title to something shorter.  The full name is Society of Night and Lies: The Past Through Shadows.  See what I mean, it is a bit long and rather pretentious sounding.

Ask me again later and I’ll be attached to it again.  I don’t know.  At least it is a good working title so it doesn’t blend in with other unnamed stories in my story folder.

Actually, the sub-title is the real title.  Society of Night and Lies is the name of the trilogy.  The Past Through Shadows sounds lame to me, hence why I have it connected to the trilogy name.  This way, it doesn’t sound so… lame.

On to the goals:

1. Work on chapters 1 through 3 of Society of Night and Lies. Make them shine with more show and a bit less tell.

Thanks to a nasty health issue (see last weeks post), I haven’t touched this one, yet.  I have stared at the opening paragraphs but have not done a thing.  Amazing what recovering from a migraine can do to your thought processes.

2. If there’s time, write two more chapters to Black Friday 2.

See above.  Now, I can say I have thought about what to write for the next chapter.  I am proud to say, I have Takesha’s voice clear in my mind, and Joe’s voice is starting to take shape.  Karina, Marcus, Nahana, and Nick, are still loud and clear though I think Karina sounds a bit less b****y though she is still demanding in a way in attitude.  I’m trying to make her sound like a reluctant leader and I’m not quite hitting the mark.  Marcus and Nick are male… nuff said.  😉  There may be a separate post about this later.  Maybe.

3. Read. Doesn’t matter which author or genre, just read.

I am still reading.  Muddling through Piers Anthony’s Unicorn Point, but I am reading!  This book is offering up some ideas to use in my first novel-in-progress, Way of the Comet, and a couple of others.

How are you doing in your goals?