You love me! You really Love Me!

Okay, cheesy title, but if you can place the quote, you’re old enough.  For guessing correctly, You get two internet cookies and free roll for charisma and intelligence to progress further.  If you can guess which movie this quote also appeared in, then you get a free move to get around the reality monster which is hiding just down the corridor in the shadows.

Game and movie quotes references aside, there is a reason for today’s post other than to let everyone know I am still alive and muddling through my edits and revisions.  Really!  There is a very good reason for this one and it doesn’t involve work or my son.  In fact, this one is special enough to get its own post.

After little more than a year of watching and reading various blog posts and seeing these being passed from one to another, I have been gifted two blog awards by the lovely and talented Sabrina Garie.  Go check her out if you don’t believe me about her talent.  The awards can wait until you get back.

Back?  Cool!  She’s good.  Isn’t she?

She writes romance, a genre I couldn’t make an entire novel on, but it does help make for a decent plot arc within a story.  Sabrina loves trying to make the most kickass heroines of all time and has found some truly good ones during the Blogging from A-Z challenge this past April.  You know, we could all use some steamy romance in our lives.  I cannot wait until her book is out on the shelves.

From her, I’ve been given ( a choice really but I went for both) the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  Any who have been reading have seen some of the worlds I inhabit besides this one.  We ladies need to stick together no matter where we are.

The second is the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I wouldn’t call this blog beautiful, but I like it.  Yes, I know that is not what this award means, but you have to see some humor here.

According  to the rules of both, I have to come up with seven things about myself.  I think I can come up with 14 different things.  Might take some effort, but it can be done.

Dun, dun DUN!!!

1. First and foremost!  I am a furry author.  Most of my characters are anthropomorphic animals instead of the usual humans, elves, dwarves, etc, etc, etc.  I am probably the only furry author who will freely admit it in public.

2. I am also an artist.  I can draw decently well all sorts of critters and scenes when the muse decides to cooperate.

3. In the furry fandom/genre, I am quite tame.  I define vanilla.  But, that doesn’t stop me from putting forth my best efforts to improve what I do and give the fandom a good face.

4. I can play the piano.  Rusty at it, but can play.

5. My oldest character I have used (and probably abused) since the mid 80s.  She appears in some form in most of my stories; either as a minor character or one of the leads.

6. My first book published has been out for two and a half years.  Check me out on or B&N to see.  (this is my humbling book and proof why you should never send an email at 2am)

7. I am a lover of cats, ferrets, and nature in general.

Half way!  Who would have thought I had this much?

8. I have two wonderful boys.  Adam, my eldest, and Colin, my problem child.  Both have characters based on them.

9. I suck horribly at math.  There’s no doubt the logic side of my brain is malfunctioned but the creative side is quite lively.

10. My day job is a pharmacy technician.  In street talk, I’m a drug dealer.  Think about it!  All legal, too.

11. Since I was a kid, I have travelled all over the Eastern half of the United States.

12. Procrastination is one of my failings.  But, somehow, it doesn’t always make me falter.

13. I was born in Pennsylvania.  Grew up in Oklahoma.  Lived in Arkansas for almost 18 years, went to North Carolina for a year.  Now, I am back in Oklahoma.  It has been one weird circle.

Last one.  Woo!

14. As much as I dislike the human race, I have found a few good people who I am more than happy to call friend, acquaintance, and comrades in writing.

Now for the fun part.. tagging people who deserve these awards.

Mushy Cloud


Rebecca Loper

Valerie R Lawson

Last but surely not least, K. T. Hanna.