Sunday Excerpts #amwriting #fiction

For the time being, things have cooled off here in Oklahoma.  For the last several days, we’ve had rain, the real stuff that comes down in sheets with a bit of thunder.  It has been the kind of rain that slows down business and makes stupid people even more stupid because they have no idea what a wet surface is like.  You know the ones I’m talking about.

Today’s excerpt comes from my novel in progress, Society of Night and Lies: The Past Through Shadows (name changer pending).  This one is in the middle of being revised and edited so what you see here may not be what will show up on book shelves later.  One can never tell.  We pick up in chapter Six where Sabrina, also known as Gabriela, and her friend Mindy are keeping watch for Jason to come out of a warehouse so they can follow him to his hiding place and make sure no one else of the Society notices that he isn’t really dead.

 Dark sullen clouds covered the sky and rain fell steadily, giving everything that the few streetlights illuminated a glossy shine. Even the brave few that wandered the streets at this late hour seemed to take their time as they went from vehicle to building, or vice versa. The rain always seemed to slow things down, allowing the world a slow motion view of all that happens so that anyone can stop and think back on things they’d rather not think about at all.


Hiding beneath an overhang in an alley, a pair of cloaked figures kept watch on a single vehicle, an old motorcycle belonging to a silver fox by the name of Jason Foxworth. Both had been there for several hours, before it started raining, watching the warehouse for the fox’s arrival. Now, that he was there, they just needed to wait for him to leave before either could spring into action. Waiting is all they have done since well before sunset.


‘Geeze, how I hate the rain. I hate standing in it, and watching it…’ thought Sabrina while she kept her eyes glued on the door across the street from where she hid. Out loud, she said, “Mindy, we have got to find a better place to stake out this warehouse than this. I don’t mind getting wet, but I can’t stand being soaked like this. Not to mention, it is fucking cold.”


Da, is very cold, friend Gabriela, but rain is not so bad. You just tired from waiting so long.” Mindy pushed back her hood to reveal a kind furred face then smiled big, showing a pearly white row of teeth.


Before Gabriela could answer, a deluge of water fell on her, soaking her even more through the dark gray cloak so that even her clothing and fur were just as wet. Sputtering, she huddled against the side of the building where it was the driest and shoved the hood back so she could shake the excess water out of her hair and facial fur. Black fur seemed to almost sparkle from the droplets clinging to each end in the dim light cast by the nearest street light, but her eyes appeared dark in spite of the green shine of reflected light.


Giggling, Mindy helped her wet feline friend though the attempt just wasn’t worth the effort. The humor of the moment escaped Gabriela, for like her friend said, she was tired of waiting in this dreary weather all for the sake of a single fox. With ears laid back, she glared at the tall mink then resumed watching the warehouse door while drying off as much as she could.


Mindy was far too aware of her friend’s foul mood and stepped back to also watch the same door. While they both kept watch, another snuck up behind them in the darkness, just as dark and mysterious as they, but with a far more sinister task to finish. Silence was the shroud the stranger wore as he crept silently among the scattered crates and debris of the alley.