Sunday Excerpt #amwriting #fiction

Sunday again!  It hasn’t been a very busy week, but it has been one plagued with appointments everyone in my house.  Not to mention this was the first week of school.

Today’s excerpt picks up where last week’s left off.  It’s here that we see just what Sabrina, aka Gabriela, will do to protect her friends.  You also get to meet her nemesis, Dean, the cowardly wolf who would just love to get his paws on Sabrina’s neck.

 “Well, well, well, ladies, what do we have here?” The growl of the wolf behind them was followed by the click of a revolver as the hammer was cocked.

Both whirled around to face the wolf simultaneously, their rain coats flaring out to swirl about their arms and legs as each drew their own weapon. Daggers sprang to their hands as they whipped the edges of their cloaks aside and prepared to attack the unwelcome wolf. Both cat and mink narrowed their eyes as they gazed upon their enemy, but only the Gabriela’s eyes were ablaze with the barely contained anger she felt for this wolf alone.

“Dean…” hissed Gabriela as she adjusted the hold of her dagger and slid one foot behind the other, “I should have known you would come looking for us.”  Her ears flattened against her wet hair as she bared her teeth at him.

“Now, why wouldn’t I, Bree? You are our father’s favorite, regardless of what you’ve done in the past. I’m just making sure you did go through with killing the Foxworth boy like he wanted.” Dean’s statement was cool and haughty of  as he gave both women with an appraising look then smiled darkly; mostly at Gabriela.

“Go away, wolf. You not needed, or wanted here.” Mindy’s replied as she sniffed at him disdainfully. “Comrade Gabriela and I can take care of business without you watching.”

The wolf scoffed at the both of them then brandished his revolver before taking aim at the cat and smirking, “I’m not so easily fooled, dyke. I suggest you back down before you end up being a target for my new little toy here. Bree might get mad if y…”

Before the wolf could finish, a black booted foot swung up to knock the gun from Dean’s hand, then, after completing the spin, Gabriela leapt at him with her claws extended. The clatter of the revolver skittering across the ground to rest in the shadows was drowned out by the feral growl Gabriela made as she lunged at the wolf.  Her hands went around his throat, intent on strangling him.  Gabriela snarled, “Don’t ever threaten my friends again, wolf. I’ll take your life as easily as I did the others before I left.”

Here was her one chance to take her revenge.  She knew Dean was behind the deaths of her suitors.  He was the source of much of her torment before she decided to leave the Claw and Fang.  All she needed to do was tighten her fingers to crush his throat and finally have some peace in her life.

Dean struggled until those slender fingers started constricting his airflow then laid still. He still glared at the feline pinning him down; pinning his ears back against his skull. The threat made against his life, he fully believed, but his hatred of this particular cat was buried that fear deep inside where it wouldn’t bother him. 

Gabriela hesitated for a second, her eyes hardening as harsher truth pushed aside her desire to rid herself  of Dean’s presence permanently. If she killed him, then there would be no place she could hide.  There would be others who would come for her and her husband.  No amount of running would give her a safe place because the Claw and Fang were everywhere.

In that brief second, Dean brought his feet up and kicked Gabriela off of him, knocking the air out of her lungs and stunning her momentarily. His gun was out of sight beneath the shadowed overhang, well out of his reach. As he wisely started to back away from the aggressive women, he darted his eyes here and there to try to find the revolver. No chance was given for him to look before the Mindy suddenly lunged with her dagger poised to slash across his gut if he didn’t move faster.

With his tail tucked between his legs, Dean ran off.  Just before he rounded the corner onto the street, he brandished his fist at the two women.  “Don’t think you’ve gotten rid me, Gabriela.  I’ll make sure you’ll pay!”