Mid-week and #writemotivation

This post is coming a bit late this week.  I know.  Bad kitty!  No catnip for you!  Ahem  Not so much as busy, just being tired and under the weather thanks to the heat and construction on my normal route to and from work.  It enough t make someone peeved and exhausted.

Not fun.

Work has been woefully slow.  So slow, I was actually able to spend the time required going over the end of month pulls on my section of the medicine shelves and finish it with about an hour to spare before going home.  That is slow because there are a lot of medications that need to have their expiration dates checked and to make sure the return-to-stock bottles are properly labeled.

As of yesterday, I am on a diet of sorts.  More like a better selection for my meals instead of the basic and cheap choices I usually have. Why you may ask?  I got the results of the blood work that they did last week.  Not the best, but better than I expected.  They checked cholesterol, A1-C (diabetes) and kidney problems.

First off, cholesterol is elevated.  Not by a lot, but enough I need to make changes now.  I have to cut down on the white rice, breads, pasta, and greasy foods.  This also includes potatoes, which I adore in all forms.  I have to add in more whole grains and green vegetables.  Naturally, fruit will be added.  I won’t have to cut out popcorn, just not have as much and with less butter.  Really, not huge changes, but it’ll still cost in the long run.  Dave needs to do the same.  On the 23rd, I’ll find out if I have to add another medication to my short list.

The A1-C levels showed me as being pre-diabetic.  This is no surprise to me and I have been working on this.  The recent changes will help out a lot with that, too.  At least I’m not fully diabetic.  We’ll see what the doc wants to do when I go in for my physical in two weeks.

Kidney function is perfectly normal.  They better be working fine.  I drink nothing but water at work.  I go through two 32oz cups of plain water each day.  Once in a while, I’ll have coffee, but only at the beginning of the shift.  Afternoons are water.

To help all of this, I have added a quarter mile walk to my daily routine.  I kind of needed to do it anyway.  Colin has t get to school somehow,  I walk with him down to the sidewalk then watch him until he’s crossed the street before walking to my car and going to work.  My bad knee isn’t liking this but the movement will help until it finally does break down fully.

Not too bad.

Now, for my goals this month.

1. Work on chapters 1 through 3 of Society of Night and Lies. Make them shine with more show and a bit less tell.

I’m finally bucking down and working on these.  Chapter 1 revisions was done last night.  There were some actual changes made in places to make the story seem more real.  I’m pleased with them, now they need to be refined and polished.  Chapter 2 will be tackled tonight.

2. If there’s time, write two more chapters to Black Friday 2.

No time to write any on this one.  Since it was one that didn’t have to be done, it won’t count against me… much.

3. Read. Doesn’t matter which author or genre, just read.

I haven’t been reading too much.  But, I knew it would be a slow reading month for me with school starting.  Next month should be better.

So… not the best but not bad, either.  Next month, I’ll be tackling these with more gusto!

How about you guys?  Having any success with your monthly goals?