#writemotivation Check In

My how time has flown.  It seems that it was just yesterday August was beginning and I was preparing my son for school starting.  Now, he’s two weeks in and it is once again hot as Hades here in Oklahoma.

Now, its September and we’re starting to see the old habits settle into place once again.  This also marks the beginning of a new #writemotivation month.  I’m all set to go!

Last month, I didn’t work on my goals too much.  There were other things which were a bit more important; such as my health.  That ER visit scared me so I took things a bit more slowly.  Society of Night and Lies suffered, but not by a whole lot.  I got as far as half way through what is currently chapter two before the month ended.  Nothing new was written on Black Friday 2 either.

Other than my writing goals, I do have more personal goals to work toward.  I’m making changes to my diet to help lower my cholesterol and get out of the pre-diabetes stage.  There is a doctor’s appointment on the 10th.  We’ll see what the doctor suggests before taking the more natural route.

We’ll see what this month brings to everything in my life.  I hope it’ll all be good.


One thought on “#writemotivation Check In

  1. I need to add some health related goals to my list (as my ever-expanding butt keeps reminding me!).

    Wishing you a very productive #writemotivation month,

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