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 It has been a nice week if a busy one for me.  Mostly I’ve been working on avoiding work, which means not a lot was done to the first three chapters of Society of Night and Lies.  On top f that, I’ve been exceedingly tired, so the effort to write just wasn’t there.  But, that is taken care of and I’m just about done with chapter three.

Today’s excerpt picks up where we left off last week with Dean running off and acting like the bully he is.  He’s out of the picture for now, but Jason is back in and Sabrina has to do her job of making him look like he’s dead and convince him why.

As Dean made his retreat, both women looked at each other, then started laughing. As funny as what the moment was, it made it more difficult for Sabrina to catch her breath. Their laughter was quieted when the sound of a door slamming closed brought their attention back to what they were supposed to be doing; watching and waiting for Jason Foxworth.

Jason had left the building and was getting on his motorcycle once again.  His back was to them while he sat there looking up at the upper stories of the old building and pulling on his gloves.

This was the chance they were hoping for, catching Jason unaware. After pulling their hoods up to hide their faces, they slipped from the alley and crossed the street quietly.

 Just as Jason turned to look behind him for traffic, Sabrina was there, a wild grin plastered on her face and the bright gleam of something terrible about to happen in her eyes. Before he could react, Mindy was behind him and together they wrestled him off his bike onto the ground. Only the flash of metal and the cold touch of steel kept him from calling out for any kind of aid.  But that didn’t stop him from trying to struggle in Mindy’s arms or kick at her.

 “Hold still, fox, or you’ll end up hurting yourself worse,” growled Sabrina in a disguised voice.

 Bewildered, Jason jerked at his pinned arms and shouted, “What the fucking hell is going on? Get away from me, bitch!”

 Mindy kept a tight grip on his arms, making sure he couldn’t get away from her.  He managed to land a few kicks which glanced off her legs instead of hitting higher. To his amazement, she handled those kicks well, merely grunting and tightening her grip.  Mindy snarled at him. “Don’t move fox. I do not want to hurt you.” Then she glanced up at her feline friend and smiled.

“Let me go, you fucking bitch!” Jason snapped at Mindy through bared teeth.  He was seething and getting angrier the long he was kept pinned between both.  “Why should I listen to either of you?”

 “I’ll explain later, Jason, but for now, you need to take a little nap.” Sabrina purred  with just a hint of a growl to her voice.  Without taking her eyes from him and avoiding his wild kicks and attempts to free himself, she felt around in her pouch for the cloth and vile she bought for just such emergencies.

 “Huh?” Something about the dark furred woman caught his attention; something very familiar all of a sudden. Just as he was about to ask, she placed a cloth over his nose.  The noxious fumes of chloroform filled his nostrils. Trying as hard as he could, he fought against their restraint but could not resist the effects of the fumes.  Within seconds, Jason was out cold.