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It is so hot!  How hot is it?  It’s so hot, snowballs are going to Hades to keep cool.  It is so hot, your groceries are cooked before you reach your car.  It’s so hot, the sun is jealous.

Enough of the jokes.  You get the hint.  It be very hot here in Oklahoma once again.  Where are those comfortable temperatures we had last week?

I didn’t feel much like doing this yesterday.  I was being lazy is all.  Very lazy.  Also, I was setting things up so I could work on these goals and figure out which will be done and when.  I’m also seeking willing victims… I mean volunteers… to go over my revisions on Society of Night and Lies as I complete them.

Chapters one through three are ready for review, amazingly enough.  Everything Michelle, thebnc, noted at the last critique session has been implemented, and I hope, put to use on the rest of chapter one and into two and three.  There’s still a few rough spots I’m sure, but need some suggestions to smooth them out.

With #pitchmadness going on, I decided to read through the rules and what is expected so I could figure out what I needed to do.  First thing I saw… the first 150 words ends in mid-sentence.  You just barely meet the main char when it stops, but you get the feel of the bar.  That says to me I need to do some revamping to get her in there.

A synopsis, or even a pitch, is a tad more difficult for me.  I think I have something, but I’ll save it for another post.  As it looks now, this #pitchmadness will have to be missed so I can present something better.

Anyway, onto the goals.  Would you believe I’ve made good progress this week and it’s only Tuesday?

1) Polish and revise chapters 4 (or five as the case may be) through 7 of Society of Night and Lies.

I’ve just revised chapter four.  There’s one sticky spot I’m not sure how to fix, but it definitely feels better to me and shows more emotion from a worried, if drunk, husband and a concerned friend.

2) Write another two chapters of Black Friday 2 and maybe come up with an actual name for the book.

I’ve just barely got started on this one.  More of the planning than actual writing but I know what I want to see happen.  Bickham says a disaster must happen, well, this one won’t be a disaster per se but it’ll work.

3) Study the craft. Reading project for the month to learn more about creative writing, scene and structure, and other writerly things.

Still reading.  John Bickhan does explains things well, but he’s repeating himself over and over.  Scene and Structure is a book for any author to have handy as a reference.

Just ask if you want to help beta read and fix those tricky spots.  I need honest input.

How are your goals coming along?


3 thoughts on “Writing Progress #writemotivation

  1. always a great idea to keep learning and studying your craft. good for you! and way to spot the problem with your beginning! a lot of writers can’t see that. i hope you work it out. good luck with your goals.

  2. Hello, fellow #writemotivation writer here 🙂 I need to read more books on the craft since it’s been awhile. I’ve skimmed through Donald Maass’ “Writing the Breakout Novel” and I felt he repeated a lot of things throughout that. Since I can’t think of any others I’ve read lately, I definitely need to find a new one. Thanks for the reminder! And good luck with your goals 🙂

  3. Sometimes I wish there were more time…well, really, that’s a wish I have ALL the time. 🙂 I’d love to be able to read everything, including the books on the writing craft as well as pleasure reading and crit reading. But I have to pick and choose. 🙂

    Good luck with your goals! And good luck if you’re participating in #PitchMadness! 😀

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