Mid-week and #writemotivation

I’m behind on this post.  You can take away my cookies, but there is a good reason this time.  A very good reason.

Since Sunday, I have been busy doing some promotional building for my writing, and artwork, on Facebook.  It all started with an invitation to an event called the Facebook Page Exchange where authors and other businesses pages who haven’t promoted their work or been able to get many visitors, were invited to participate.

This is a start, I can say that much.

So, for Sunday and Monday, I was promoting just my normal Facebook page and mention links to this blog and others I have crossposting along with my two main art sites.  That got old fast, but it did get people to notice.

On a whim, I created a page that will focus on my writing and art, the Fantastic Furry Realms.  Several hours were spent just situating things and deciding on an icon as well as filling in a lot of blanks with information.  The worst of the work is done, but there’s still plenty left to do.

Now, with this page, I can direct people to it for this exchange.  The one who created this event has found it so busy, they created a group to pick up and make it much easier to keep track of posts and scroll through to visit links or pass on the love with likes.

Cookies have been earned with this promotion of my work.  Black Friday is featured since, well, it is my first and only book.  First link presented in today’s post and definitely mentioned in one of those blanks I filled.

I haven’t slacked off on these writing goals this week.  I actually got quite a bit done!

1) Polish and revise chapters 4 (or five as the case may be) through 7 of Society of Night and Lies.

I only have about half to three-quarters of chapter six left to do then this goal will be done.  I know it says to chapter 7, but that was only if I had made a chapter split earlier in.  I’ll keep working on this one even after I complete this one,

2) Write another two chapters of Black Friday 2 and maybe come up with an actual name for the book.

I’ve started on this one.  Not much written at this point, but it has been started.

3) Study the craft. Reading project for the month to learn more about creative writing, scene and structure, and other writerly things.

Still trying to read through Scene and Structure.  My reading time is mostly in the morning before work and just before bed at night.  Maybe two hours at most to learn and think about what I had just read.  The way it looks, I may just have to buy a copy of this book so I can read at my own pace.

Has anyone been trying to promote their work, yet?  How are your goals coming along?