Icky Week #writemotivation check-in

It has been a bad week for me this week.  Started Monday with a sore throat and a mild case of laryngitis and fell from there..  This virus knocked me down, literally, for the majority of this week.  Just when I thought I could go back to work, it knocked me for another loop which required a doctor.

Because I’ve been out for more than three days, Wal-Mart demands I do the paperwork for a medical leave of absence.  What the hell?  Colds and minor cases of the flu can keep someone out for a week, minimum, and they know this.  But, only three days before needing a FMLA leave of absence form.  Someone, somewhere, has no concept of reality.

More than a week, okay, I can see it.  But more than three days?  No.  But, if I want to work, I have to do it.  *huge sigh*

But, yeah, that’s my week.  I’m filling out the paperwork tonight and running it to the clinic tomorrow for the doc to fill out.  Nausea will not keep me from working for long.  Especially with medication to help.

But, this makes my #writemotivation check-in easy to do.  I haven’t had the energy or the mental capacity to remotely consider writing or editing.  I can say I’ve had ideas for a story I don’t intend to publish except on certain sites.

I‘m in the set up scenes, introducing the characters who’ll be participating and showing their personalities before starting it off.  Let’s just say that this story is one which will make most people want to un-watch and unfriend me if they read it.  That is why I am only posting it in certain places because I know the audience very well.

But, I can say one thing for my goals this month.  I did finish reading Scene and Structure.  It gave a lot of good advice on how to bring scenes together through cause and effect.  This is definitely one book I need for my library.

That is a hint for Christmas/birthday gift.  *cute kitten eyes begging*

Last, but not least, before the worst of my illness hit, I managed to create a page on Facebook that will feature my current published book and the works in progress.

Fantastic Furry Realms  created by me Candace Gauger, aka Sabbath Silverclaw

It still needs a lot of work and for me to update more often, but this has been up for only a week… barely.  Some of you have seen it already.  The rest of you, come by and have a look.  Like it if you want and definitely comment.  I’m proud of just this little bit.

Do watch that page.  Slowly, as I get help and advice, the cover photo will change to help support my main book, Black Friday.