#writmotivation Check-in

Due to malfunction in the cerebrum, there will be no witty snippets to begin today’s post.  Due to this same malfunction, this post is also arriving late.  Please be patient while these malfunctions are being repaired.  Normal function should return within a week or sooner depending on varying conditions.

And for the not so technical (hehe) I’m still recovering from last week’s virus.  I’m over the worst but energy levels are still kind of low.  Thinking hasn’t been easy, even at work, and I tire easily.  That’s why this post is so freaking late.  I’ll be back to my normal, strange, self eventually, but this recovery is a long and slow process this time around.

There is some good news out of the long bout with the virus.  I had lost ten pounds.  Not because of being sick.  I had a decent appetite which helped a lot. Normal weight loss thanks to some help from my medication to control my blood sugar.  Thanks to my general appetite decreasing from being sick, I’ll be shedding a few extra pounds.  I don’t intend to go back to eating so much again.

I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal weight of 180 pounds.  But, the first ten are gone with more slowly falling away.

Doc didn’t put me on any kind of diet, but did suggest several changes to make which I had already started to help manage my cholesterol.  More fiber, less carbs, and more lean meat will be what I’ll have, and definitely more veggies.

Gotta love veggies!  Oh!  And fruit, too.  Yum!  /drool

Due not feeling so good, I haven’t done much on my goals, but I did manage to check one off.  I’ll work on the last one over the weekend if it’s raining.

1) Polish and revise chapters 4 (or five as the case may be) through 7 of Society of Night and Lies.

This one is done!  All I have to do now is add them to the main file on my hard drive so there’s an extra copy available.

2) Write another two chapters of Black Friday 2 and maybe come up with an actual name for the book.

Sadly, nothing has been done to this one, yet.  Like I said, I just haven’t had the energy.

3) Study the craft. Reading project for the month to learn more about creative writing, scene and structure, and other writerly things.

This one can be checked off.  I finished Scene and Structure last week and returned it to the library.  I’ve started Revision and Self-Editing but haven’t gotten very far in it.  There is some good advice in there someplace.  Just got to get through the techno-babble to find it.

How’s everyone else doing on their goals so close to the end of the month?