Sunday Excerpt #excerpt #amwriting #fiction

Where did the week go?  Once again, we come to Sunday and it is time for my weekly excerpt.  

Today’s excerpt continues our story.  Chapter seven focuses on Mindy while she takes care of Jason after bringing him ‘home’ to their safe house.  We really get a good look at Mindy and learn some about her and Jason before Sabrina comes back on stage again.

Mindy watched as Sabrina took off on Jason’s motorcycle then loaded the unconscious fox into the back seat of the sedan.  She idly wondered to herself how her old friend could ride in the rain.  However, before she got to the end of the block, she dismissed the thought; the rain had slacked off to a drizzle.  Her only concern was getting Jason to the safe house without being pulled over by the police.

It was late and very few were out on the streets.  Most of the police were suspicious of anyone out after midnight.  Most knew gangs and the mafia bosses used this hour to move their ill-gotten goods or worse.

She didn’t have to worry about being seen.  Neither did she concern herself too much with her passenger; a single glance at the back seat told her that he was still out cold.

She sighed as she opened the door.  Jason wasn’t light and she wasn’t the strong young lady she used to be. Mindy knew she was going to be sore after hefting him up the stairs.  All she could hope for was a few minutes of rest before her friend came back.

To her, Gabriela wasn’t the same cat she had known all those years ago. She had changed. It wasn’t because she had been gone for so long.  Something else was different about her.  Something Mindy saw within herself.

That was the least of her worries. The staircase leading up into the ten story building loomed before her. Mindy wasn’t up to it.  She had to for the sake of her friend. She knew all too well what Gerin could, and would, do to any family members he kept captive, just so he could get the results he wanted.

From the bottom of the stairs, Mindy looked up at the second floor, sighed again, then heaved Jason onto her shoulders to start her accent. Using the walls and the railing to help brace the fox on her shoulder, she carried him up the stairs.

By the time she reached their apartment, she was exhausted. It had been a long time since she had to carry anything heavy.  Jason was unceremoniously dropped onto the only bed then she dropped down into the chair near the window.

While she rested, Mindy looked Jason over. She had to admit that he was a handsome fox. His fur was that soft gray many called silver and had the normal dark ears and streaks behind the nose. The clothes he wore left something to be desired, but everyone had their own tastes. His ranged from the long black duster over a shirt and black jeans to heavy steel toed boots complete with chains around the ankles. She looked at his tousled hair with disgust, for it was very unkempt.  Even wet, it looked like he didn’t keep it very clean.

Mindy prided herself on her appearance. She kept her dark gray fur clean, and her long black tresses brushed. Minus the drab gray cloak, her clothes were always casual and colored to suit her moods. The punk look just wasn’t her at all. She didn’t care for the cloak she had to wear while ‘working’, but is was a necessity. At least it served a purpose of helping to keep her furry bottom safe and dry.

While looking at him, Jason started to stir as the effects of the chloroform wore off. She watched as his eyes fluttered open for a moment.  They appeared unfocused at first.  As he groaned, he moved and faced her and she moved to sit with her back to the wan light coming through the thin curtains.

The fog in his head hurt as Jason woke up.  His tongue felt dry and swollen and his limbs felt like dead weights.  The light that drew his attention stung but he could make out an image just in front of it.  It moved and the hint of fur was seen before he let his eyes close again.  Just those few seconds hurt and were starting a headache like he had never felt before.

Once his eyes closed, Mindy got up and headed for the kitchen.  The antidote she was given had to be set up.  If he reacted like Sabrina said he would, he was going to need it very soon.  While she fixed the drink, she heard him groan loudly and move about on the ancient bed as the effects wore off.  On her way back to him, she paused by the bathroom and grabbed the aspirins.  She was sure he was going to need them to help get rid of the throbbing behind his eyes.

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