Chocolate Kind of Week plus #writemotivation checkin

Make that two weeks that require chocolate.  There’s not enough chocolate in this town to soothe what I feel from the hell I’ve been through since my boss went on vacation last week.

I won’t bore anyone with the details but lets just say when the boss is away, the brats will play.  I’ve been stuck on the register all day each day I’ve worked with no breaks except for my lunch or I insist on taking my 15 minute breaks and give them no choice.  I don’t mind running a register, but not all frikkin’ day.

We are supposed to rotate!

Today… oh today was the topper.  Power went out for about three hours or so.  It came back a few minutes after I went to lunch.  During that time, people, naturally, were not allowed in the store to shop since security wouldn’t be able to keep up with the thefts.  Complaints from that.  We could not do a thing except put the drug order away and sort the bundles for scanning and filing on the prescriptions.

Once the power is back on and everything boots up, there is a pile of e-scripts to input and a ton of trouble shoots to work through along with a line of people demanding their meds we couldn’t fill or work during the down time.

The fun part is answering call after call of people asking if we were open and the power was back on.  Here’s a clue: I ANSWERED THE PHONE!  My sarcastic streak was screaming to be set loose on these people.

I got my OT for the week in today.  Two hours extra just to finish the input and troubleshooting.  I’ll probably go in at open tomorrow so I can finish the scanning, ten-day returns, and apply the truck orders from today then try to get those bundles filed away before my boss gets back from his vacation.

It’s enough to make me want to scream bloody murder and smack some skulls on the counter to make sure they are paying attention to what I say.  Things can be simplified only so far before we decide the patient is a lost cause and needs to be awakened.

I haven’t been able to write at all because of being too tired to focus or just so frustrated anything I’d write would be a veiled rant at the stupid people and co-workers.  I don’t want to do that with my writing or to anyone who reads my blogs.

That’s the reason for the chocolate.  Wouldn’t you agree some nice dark chocolate and a quiet day are in order after all of that?

Now, for my check in.

All I managed to do for September was finish my edits up to chapter six in Society of Night and Lies and read about Scene and Structure.  I couldn’t write a single word on Black Friday 2.  It looks doubtful I’ll be able to accomplish much of anything for this month either until John comes back.

He will get an ear full the second I can get him alone.  This isn’t fair to me or anyone else in the pharmacy.

I do apologize for that rant.  It does explain why I haven’t posted much beyond my Sunday Excerpt post.  Things should return to normal after next week.  I hope.

Come see my Facebook Page at!  As I can, I’m adding content.  I’ll have excerpts of my works in progress posted there eventually.  SoNL has recently been added to the excerpt there.  More soon!