Sunday Excerpt #excerpt #amwriting #fiction

As tired and exhausted as what I am, I won’t neglect my Sunday Excerpt posts.  These are as much for me as they are for you, my audience.  After this chapter of Society of Night and Lies, I’ll probably switch over to another story or two.  With all I have being worked on, there will be plenty to showcase and entertain.

Last week, Jason woke up from his enforced nap and briefly met Mindy.  Now, Sabrina is back and is now tending to him while her friend rests in another room.  Jason has woken up again and isn’t too happy about his predicament.  She’ll have her work cut out for her as she tries to gain his trust after all she has done to him to save his life.

“Nothing, actually, Jason.” She approached the end of the bed. “I suggest calming down and get used to the fact that you are going to be stuck here for a while.”

Narrowing his eyes, he glared at her. “Really now.”  He didn’t sound impressed and his whole stance agreed with his tone. So confident in himself, he scoffed at her then decided to just ask in his own way. “Seems you know me, but, I don’t know you. Who are you?”  His anger, though controlled, could be seen in the way his fingers moved and his nostrils flared.  Not even his ears moved far from where they lay against his skull.

I’m a friend. The rest, well, you’ll find out soon enough. Now, calm down.” Her voice took on the sternness of someone who was accustomed to being in control. “Better yet, sit down before you fall.” She leaned on the foot board and let the tips of her claws lightly scrape the old wood.

I’m not going to calm down, bitch. No way in hell! Tell me who you are before I kick your teeth out,” He wasn’t bluffing and Sabrina knew it. She saw how well he could fight the night he and Kid Kitsune faced off.

Sighing, Sabrina rolled her eyes, though that could not be seen by the shadow cast by her hood. In a moment of thought, she decided to humor him to keep him from making a loud scene and waking up her friend in the other room. “Very well, if you insist, foxy.” Black furred hands reached up and pushed back the hood until her light green eyes were visible and the familiar white whiskers appeared. To make light of the situation, she smiled, letting the tips of her teeth show stark against her black muzzle. “Never thought it would be me that caught you. Hmmmm, Jason?”  Though there was a note of humor in her voice, her eyes were guarded and waiting for his next move.

Jason was shocked to see a friend beneath the hood; one he didn’t expect to see any time soon. Least of all someone he thought couldn’t do what he had been put through. His jaw fell open as soon he saw her face and the rueful expression she possessed then plopped down on the edge of the bed. “Who? How? What are you doing here, Sabrina?” His shock was short lived, but he still couldn’t believe it.

Protecting you, my friend.” Her voice had a hint of annoyed resignation for the demanding tone she heard in his voice. She took off the cloak and laid it across the back of the chair by the door before addressing him again. “To answer the rest, my real name is Gabriela Vettel. As to how, it wasn’t very hard to track you down and follow your movements all over town. Catching you was easier still. Making sure certain people think you’re dead wasn’t very simple.” Then she leveled her gaze on him, the stern crook of her brow and the missing smile made her seem all the more serious.  “Especially with you all over town like you were last night.”

His mouth hung open again as the fox absorbed what he was told. While he tried to put together a single thought, he worked his jaw and clenched and unclenched his fingers. That was quite a bit to take in since he thought she was someone completely different.

Sabrina grinned while she watched his brain try to put it all together then she spoke softly. “I’ll explain what I can, but I’ll have to start from the very beginning. Needless to say, there are a lot of people who want to see you dead. Your brother is just one of them, but he’s the least of your worries right now.”

How is Devin the least of my worries? He’s the main one that wants me dead, and vice versa I might add.” Jason said matter-of-factly before standing and running a hand through his hair.  He started to pace then thought better of it and sat on the edge of the bed facing her.

I’ll explain what I can All I ask is that you trust me.” Sabrina schooled her expression to be as neutral as possible while she waited for his answer.