Mid-week Review

Not much to review this time.  I haven’t done any writing or editing since my last post.  I have been either too tired to focus, in too much pain, or just too irritated with the day to be able to write anything coherent unless I want to write a rant.  Rants aren’t good things to post unless they are for a specific forum.  Although, they usually make one feel better after they are written.  Usually.

I have been trying to figure ways to promote not just my book, Black Friday, but also myself.  With so many works in progress waiting to be completed and edited, I need to drum up some excitement from people other than myself.  I want to share these works with the world and prove that not everyone in the furry fandom are perverts.

What I have found are a few blogs who are willing to interview indie authors and help showcase their work.  Sounds interesting.  I am signing up for a couple and we’ll see how things go.  I just hope I don’t make myself sound like a goofball or completely insane.

Some may know me well enough by now that I am eccentric, strange, weird, but rather harmless overall.  I may come off as repetitive and annoying, for that I apologize.  I don’t realize it until well after that fact.  Social?  Not really.  Would anyone believe that just going to work everyday is difficult?   I’d rather be someplace quiet and with fewer people at any given time.  Slow days are a godsend to me.

Enough about that.  You’ll see more when these interviews happen.  They will be a couple of months in the future.  I still need to find ways to promote myself around Tulsa and Oklahoma in general so that maybe I can start selling more books.  My sales are so low, they may as well be non-existent and I have no spare money to use the Xlibris sales and promotions.

Would anyone be willing to donate if I started a Kickstarter to raise the funds needed?  I’ve debated it just to afford the revisions and edits and even paying a couple of people I know to read Black Friday to point out those areas and suggest corrections or revisions. I’m talking, copy, like, and content edits to really make it shine.  The reviews I had on it said they liked the story, but the typos and other small errors detracted.

I’m rather looking toward BNC and another in my local group since their advice has been such a huge help with the first chapter of SoNL.  I’ll handle the cover art which needs some tweaking.  A bit of shading so you can see the creature on the front.  For those who have seen it here you can see it could use some work, but not a whole lot.

Volunteers are welcome if you want to see Black Friday improve or even help with Society of Night and Lies.  Comment, email, or even send me a tweet.  I’ll respond as soon as I can.

How about y’all?  Your week been going well?  I hope your writing and editing has been going better than mine.