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My how a long week flies by when you’re busy.  I’ll write another post since it’ll also have a restaurant review as well.

Now, I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I started my own hashtag for this book to make finding my excerpts easier.  #Sonl should bring you to my posts, now, and help distinguish quotes or other things concerning this book when I make posts about it on Twitter.  

I do intend on finding an agent and a publisher for this book series.  It won’t be done independently like I am doing Black Friday or my erotic compilation.  My erotic compilation will be done on Smashwords under my usual net name to help make that divide between safe for work and the not so safe work.  More on that later. 

Just to make sure you realize, I didn’t think this chapter was ending quite so soon.  I thought there was at least another page, not two paragraphs.  But, this can be easily fixed.  Right?  I hope so.  Please, tell me what you think of this.

You follow me, drug me, twice, and now you’re holding me captive! You want me to trust you?  Honestly.  You.  Want /me/.  To fucking trust /you/.  Ha!”  Jason’s voice rose in pitch as his anger grew.  He didn’t try to advance on her.  No.  Even as angry as what he was, he knew she’d have the advantage.  “Don’t take this wrong way, but I’d trust Devin right now.”  He folded his arms across his chest and glared at her.

She eyed him, letting him shout and get it all out of his system.  His words hurt.  She couldn’t blame him for feeling the way he did.  She’d be the same way if their roles were reversed.

Sabrina kept her expression neutral.  His anger rolled right off as she they didn’t affect her.  If she let him see how much it did hurt her, she may as well shoot herself right there and make it easy for Dean to get what he wanted.  That thought added steel to her spine.  Even Jason’s anger bolstered her courage.

Her silence unnerved him while he waited for her to reply.  He had heard her argue with Felix many times in the last two years and knew she could hold her own, but never had he seen her stay so quiet after someone shouting at her.  This was a different woman than the one he had come to know and respect.

Her eyes didn’t leave him as he relaxed his arms then sat down on the edge of the bed as she had requested a few minutes before.  The silence lasted until she was sure he was seated then let out a breath.  “You don’t have much of a choice.  Either you trust me and have a quiet life with Sasha, or don’t trust and end up dead in the gutter.  Either way, Jason Foxworth is dead.”

He raised a brow and looked at her intently.  Though his thoughts were visible, she couldn’t make them out clearly.

“Either way, I’m dead?  How is being dead a good thing?”  His question was demanding.  He glared at her, but he kept his hands on the edge of the mattress and gripped tightly.

A slow sigh escaped her parted lips while she watched him.  “Well, it’s easy.  We fake your death, give you a new identity and a new home.  You’ll have that peaceful life you’ve told me and Felix about without having to step on toes or anything of the like.”

The snort of a laugh wasn’t humor filled or even thankful.  He didn’t believe her.  She knew he didn’t believe her.  It was going to be a long and difficult task to make him be able to believe her and trust her.

“You make it sound like you do that regularly.”  His comment had the stinging bite of sarcasm that drove in deep to score at the heart like an armor-piercing arrow.

Holding back an equally biting comment, she flicked her ears back and thumped the side of her chair with her tail.  “Let’s just say I know what I’m doing, buddy boy.  If you want to die, I can arrange that as well.  Don’t think I won’t hold back if that’s how you want it.”

His eyes went wide.  Jason didn’t expect that sort of reply from her.  Leaning back, he propped himself on the bed then decided to ask, “Okay, how do you expect to kill me without killing me?”

“Easy.” Sabrina let a hint of a smile sneak into her expression.  “You just have to do exactly what I say until we can fully convince your brother and the Claw and Fang that you are dead.  The rest is up to Mindy and me.”

“Yeah, right.  I believe that.”  Sarcasm was thick in his tone and dripping off every syllable.

Sabrina eyed him for a moment longer then stood and turned to the door.  “Fine.  If you want to be like that.  Enjoy the last few minutes of your life.  I’ll try to make it as fast and clean as possible.”  She huffed then took a step toward the door.

Seeing that she was very serious, Jason blinked then sat up quickly.  “Whoa!  I didn’t say I wanted to die!  Get back here, bitch, and face me.”  he stood up and reached for her as she left.  Upon grabbing her upper arm, he growled.  “Don’t you dare leave this room.”

She stopped when he grabbed her and looked at his hand.  Slowly, she lifted her eyes to meet his.  Her eyes were as dark as storm clouds with the tempest inside building quickly.  “I suggest you let go of me, fox, before you regret ever touching me.”

What he saw in her eyes and heard in her voice made him let go without saying a word.  Jason regretted that action and was back to sitting on the bed without being asked.  “Sabrina, please,” he pleaded softly, “I’m sorry.  How else would you expect me to act after all you’ve done to me in the last few days.”

Her hand was on the door knob and the door partly open when he spoke.  His words, the very tone of his voice, were enough to make her pause.  She couldn’t stay mad at him.  He was her friend.  Probably the only friend she could trust at the moment.

“A lot worse than this, to be honest.”  Her voice was soft with a tremor hinting at her emotional state.  “I didn’t want to do those things, but they kept you alive.  You don’t know how close to being murdered you’ve gotten in the last twenty-four hours. And not by me.”  Slowly, she turned to face him.  “I don’t want to see you die.  You’ve been my friend all this time.  I protect my friends.”

“I see that,” he mumbled.  He looked down at his lap then back at her.  He focused on her green eyes.  He realized just how expressive they were and how honest she really was.  “You still have a lot to explain.  If you want me to trust you, I need to know the facts.”

Once again, Sabrina sighed.  Then, nodding, she resumed her seat in the chair after closing the door.  “Very well.  I’ll tell you everything I can.”


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