Pre-Nano Update and Other Schtuffs

Those who may have noticed, I didn’t post an excerpt on Sunday.  I had every intention of doing that, I was distracted with some shopping and cooking.

The cooking made the missed night well worth it.  First off, I made my homemade spaghetti sauce and that took a while to get perfect.  Plus why I needed to do some shopping.  Secondly, I braised 10 pounds of chicken leg quarters for broth.  That required my attention after dinner was over.

I now have eight pints of some delicious chicken brother to set back for cold weather.  I just may borrow mom’s huge stock pot, buy some quart sized mason jars and set us up with some homemade tomato sauce.  It would be a good idea so all we’d need to add is meat and pasta.  That’ll be another day.

For now, we are staring down the dark and dank throat of NaNoWriMo.  I’m both nervous and excited.  I want to start writing this strange, and I hope, funny novel.  Dark of Duck (I may just drop the ‘of’ and just call it Dark Duck) is supposed to be funny and I’ll be listening to a lot of Mel Brook’s movies and other comedies, including some of my favorite sitcoms.

It’ll be more for the turn of phrases and puns to help hold up the descriptions of the antics of the goofy minions that bungle the orders given by their demon possessed leader.  The MC, the demon-possessed duck, will have other problems, such as a snarky wife who really runs the show, and a flamboyant hero who’ll come traipsing through to thwart his attempts at domination.

I have done some thinking on this, however.  If Dark Duck is to have this much trouble, then he’s got to have either a very young demon or a low-level demon who is more of a mischief-maker down in Hades.  So, we can imagine the conversations these two must have.

Now, should Dark of Duck peter out, I do have back up to complete the 50k word count.  I still have more stories to write to add to last years NaNo novel.  It needs at least four or five more to make it a decent length then a bit of Segway between each story to tie them together while letting them be stand alone stories.

The Sunday excerpts will resume this weekend.  They’ll be mostly from my NaNo novel.  If I remember, I’ll make daily posts about my progress.

Good luck on Nano!  Have fun and don’t sweat the details.  That’s for after NaNo.


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