Sunday NaNoWriMo Excerpt #excerpt #amwriting #nanowrimo #fantasy #erotic

I haven’t posted in a while.  I should be updating everyone on my daily word counts.  Honestly, I haven’t written a thing since the last write-in I attended the week before last.

This means I am about 10k behind on my word count.  But, not to worry, I did manage to get some written this weekend.  The sad thing is, the original work I started just wasn’t working.  I blanked on everything even when given a dare worthy of a giggle.  Thankfully, I had characters in my head begging to be used so they are now being entertained.

Without further ado, my Nano excerpt of Leofa’s Christmas.

Just three weeks before the doors were closed after the last patron left the Hutch. There were only a few days to clean and decorate the premises and start the cooking for the feast she’ll be serving on Winter Solstice. Everything had to be perfect, even what shape she was to assume while her special guests were.

At least this year, she was going to have some help setting up and taking care of everyone. It took years of negotiating before even her own mate could be allowed to meet and help entertain the furs who were coming. It made her heart leap for joy knowing she’d be able to share the celebration with her beloved Maerin.

By midday the Day of the special guest’s arrival, the cleaning was done and most of the cooking was finished. Only a few things were still in the ovens but they didn’t have to be ready until the last minute. The entire building smelled of pies, cakes, and roasted beast,; which hid the scent of all the cleaners and polish used to make the wooden floors shine and the soft carpets free of dirt and debris. Even the chandeliers and light fixtures were dusted and polished until they gleamed.

The pair shared a warm embrace, kissing each other with a passion few have seen. Maerin’s hands immediately went to Leofa’s rump, squeezing gently and holding her close against her own chest. Breaking the kiss, she smiled and panted softly. “You are so beautiful, love.”

Leofa just smiled, her soft pink ears flushing pink with her blush and her tail wiggling with glee. “Flatterer. You always say that.” Her smile was real and the tone of her voice teasing; enjoying the compliments of her mate.

“Why don’t we take a few minutes for ourselves before we get ready for your guests?” Lust filled Maerin’s eyes as she looked over the bountiful beauty of her beloved.

Word Count for the Day:  5280

Word Count Total: 7403