NaNoWriMo and #writemotivation #fiction #fantasy #amwriting

I have been neglecting my blog this month.  I know, bad girl!  No cookies for me.  😉  Well, I have a very good excuse.  It’s called day job and NaNoWriMo.

Things have been busy with the day job.  I come home near exhaustion.  With a nice soft chair to sit in, now, (not a recliner) I can relax more before hitting the computer and spend some face time with my son and boyfriend.  This is more important than anything else.  Many times I have fallen asleep in this chair and that, I don’t mind.  It is nice to be able to be comfortable while watching my favorite food network shows and movies.

Thanks to the job, my focus on writing hasn’t been the best so I fell behind.  For a while, I was wondering if I would ever catch up.  Then I had a three day weekend which got me mostly caught up.  The week of Thanksgiving, I had time in the evening to churn out almost 5K words a night which got me closer to the mark.  That allowed me to be able to relax and focus on my health some.  A tired mommy does not do good work or other things.

These last few days have been a flurry of typing.  I finished two stories and started on a third.  The first two ended naturally.  Their plots couldn’t be milked further.  But, the third one pushed me over the finish line about 30 minutes or so before I published this post.

NaNoWriMo 2012 Winner
It took all month but as you can see, I made it!

Which brings me to my #writemotivation goal.  The goal was to reach 50K to complete Nano.  As already stated, I did reach 50,591 words which were validated tonight.  I am proud of myself considering how far behind I had fallen.

With the manic dash to reaching 50K over, I can slow down and work on editing SoNL part one, writing Black Friday 2, and start rewriting on SoNL 2, along with coming up with new stories to go into my erotic compilation I’ll publish through an online site.  (I can’t remember the name of the site, but it isn’t Good Reads, but is similar)  I did come up with a few more story ideas based off some popular rock ballads I’ve come to love and some songs which aren’t ballads at all.  I’ll clue people in on those later as they are being written.



How has your month been?  Written anything new?  I want to hear!