Sunday Excerpt #amwriting #fiction #fantasy

Now that the fever that is NaNoWriMo is over and I’ve had some time to recoup from the massive effort to write so much in such little time, I am returning to making my Sunday Excerpt posts. There is no telling which story I will use from week to week, but don’t be surprised if something new and different shows up.

Today’s excerpt comes from an old story I call Changing Times: A Vampire’s Tale. It chronicles the end times of the human species, the return of the mythical species, and the birth of the furry races. It also tells of how magic first began to appear in the world as it settled back into the natural order of things and why there are so few hints or legends that survived the ages.

This story is written in a diary format. The speaker, or author as the case may be, was a woman who stumbled into the life of a vampire during her rise to fame as a country rock singer and witnessed the fighting and battles that brought the end to the world as she knew it and a sort of release from the darkness and evil that followed her since she was first turned when the god of the vampires was finally defeated.

When I finally went back to join my friends, Adam was gone. He had left soon after we returned, and was never seen again. With only two left, I wasn’t going to risk trying to find him. He was on his own in the dangerous world. All that he left behind was a single note, which I found weeks later, and the ring he always wore. He knew what he was going to do.

It was just me, the lead guitarist, and the fiddle player left in that lonely haven. Together, we made the best of the situation and lived in relative peace with each other. That soon became much easier one night about a month after Adam disappeared into the night.

Under the light of the full moon, I and my two friends were outside enjoying the last of the warm weather before the snows drove us back inside when a strange woman appeared. She was dressed strangely, like out of a pyramid hieroglyph, and what really stunned us, was that she had a cat’s head instead of a human face. Something about her told the three of us that she was no ordinary illusion.

For a time, she spoke with us, asking us why were in such a remote place, if others were with us, and other questions we thought strange, but could not stop ourselves from answering. When she was through, she knew we were alone, and our comrades were either missing or dead. Her answer to all of that was to offer us a new life, so to speak, since she couldn’t remove the vampire’s curse. We were all curious, and heard her out. She and her brothers and sisters were going to remake the world. Not destroy it, but change it. Those that survived the wars, and the cleansing would be changed into some other creature, so long as it wasn’t human, or human related according to her.