DesiWok: Best Fusion in Tulsa

Have you ever walked along one of the many strip malls here in Tulsa and smelled something so good, you just had to investigate?

Well, that is exactly what happened during today’s shopping spree.  There is one small exception here.  On the way to the first stop, DesiWok was spotted sitting so innocently in its place among the other shops on 41st Street.  Since it just happened to be lunch time when we finished with our first stop, we decided to get lunch.  I’m glad I wasn’t in the mood for the normal fast food selections.

I literally followed my nose to DesiWok from where we had parked.  The sweet smells of spices and meats, rice and vegetables lured me from our spot a few stores away all the way to their doors.  It didn’t smell like grease and hot oil.  No, not for this little place.  It smelled fresh and tantalizing to all the senses.

You are greeted by a mixture of Asian and Indian (meaning India, not Native American), colors and decor, along with a menu for their party platters.  Just those selections there had me wondering just how good it would really be.  Further in, beside the register, the main menu and its selections filled my mind and taste buds with wonderfully succulent sounding names of very traditional dishes.  tandoori, Masala, curry, chilli, stir fry, spring rolls, and my favorite of dips, humus, were offered with a selection of meats.

To satisfy everyone, they offered a choice of chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and shrimp on most dishes (some didn’t come with lamp or shrimp), along with your choice of how hot you wanted it from mild to extra hot.  For the heat, I was grateful.  While I had mild, mom decided to go with hot and was definitely pleased with her selection.

When it comes to hummus, I like to try what a restaurant offers.  Most places serve a premade paste resembling humus that leaves much to be desired.  Not DesiWok.  Theirs is very flavorful and fresh made there in the store with a sprinkling of paprika and a drizzle of olive oil with a choice of carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and naan bread.  I was very pleased with this and you can be assured, the bowl was empty well before our plates arrived.

What I had was called Takki Masala with lamb.  Takki Masala is described as being a tomato and cream based sauce.  It was served with cumin rice and two nice sized rounds of naan bread.  Every bit of it was as delicious as it sounded when the cashier described it to me.  The portions were not tiny by any means.  I could not finish my rice and barely managed to finish off the lamb and sauce.

Mom tried their lamb curry and she was more than pleased by how tender the meat was and how much flavor the sauce had.  Hers came with the same sides as mine.  Like me, she could barely finish off her plate.  I can say the heat of the curry did slow her down a bit.  While it was hot, I can honestly say you were not blown away by spice, you could taste the vegetables and meat in the dish.  The spice crept up on you and tickled your tongue instead of the harsh bite many would give.

The staff at DesiWok were very friendly and professional.  They were more than happy to answer our questions and were proud to say they didn’t have anything premade; it was all made right there on site.  No one was left standing in line for long and their food was served quickly and piping hot.  They all had smiles and were genuinely happy to be there serving you.

I give DesiWok four stars for everything but the location.  You have to be looking for them to see them just off the main road when heading west on 41st street.  Location, I give a three since the truly observant will find them easily.

Now, coming from a diabetic point of view, they don’t have many selections for us.  There are a lot of carbs (bread and rice) which can throw some off, but they do balance that out with a lot of protein in the main entrée.  A few extra vegetables could be offered, or maybe a selection with fewer carbs, but I won’t complain about it.  I’ll be returning to DesiWok as often as I can.  They are definitely better than Himalaya on Memorial and much better priced.

If you’re curious, go visit their Facebook page at and give them a like and a few good compliments.


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  1. Yum! We are lucky enough to be good friends with the owner of the Indian restaurant here in tiny Heath Ohio so I’ve learned a lot from him, but I am excited to add this to my recipe file! I make a mean lamb saag and chicken curry and we’re going to work on Naan next!

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