Help the Light of the World

Last week, I wrote a post about my plans to donate my royalties from Black Friday and other novels to be published in 2013 to my church.  This is something I intend on sticking to with all my heart and soul.  More than likely, this will continue well beyond any goal we reach and 2013.

This is a church without a home.  Light of the World Christian Fellowship has rented, leased, or borrowed space from the library, warehouses, other churches, and even the VFW.  We have even had church at the downtown building of the Salvation Army.  Though we are small, our hearts are huge and we all yearn for a place to call ours.

Today was our last service at the VFW, and our new home will, with a lot of luck, will be at the Beams of Light Church on Harvard near 15th.  But, even this is temporary because it is another church’s home.  It is only by their blessing that we will be able to set up there and use their facilities.

It is with Pastor Greg’s blessing that I do this small donation.  It is my sincerest hope to give as much as possible back to the one church I not only feel comfortable with, but also helps so many homeless and families in need.

In order to do this, we need money and the ones who do have jobs, who can give even a little bit don’t have much to give.  We are few in number in this church and the ones who do need this help need it badly.  That is why I am donating my talents and time to doing everything I can to getting this church one more step closer to having that place to call home so we can not just feed these wonderful and blessed people, but give them a place that is warm and welcoming.

Now, I know last week I started this campaign, but I didn’t give a goal.  My goal is to raise at the very least $2500.  But, naturally, I would like to be able to give more.  With everyone’s help, we can give double, or even triple this amount.  Better yet, multiply it by ten or even twenty!

I cannot not do this alone.  I need your help to spread the word, share this post and make it go far.

Karina, the narrator and one of the main characters of Black Friday would do anything to protect her people and give them a home they would all be comfortable with.  I am willing to do the same.

Book signings?  Yes!  Promotion?  You got it!

The link to my primary book site is, but, you can also find my book on, Barns & Noble’s site, and a variety of other book sites all across the web.  All you need to do to find my book is to search these sites by my name, Candace Gauger, and it will take you straight to it.

None of this is for me.  It is for a church worthy of having that place to feed the hungry and give spiritual warmth to anyone who wants it.  Let this dream become a reality and the miracles it can spawn grow bigger with each and every day.

With Pastor Greg’s permission, I will also set up a Kickstarter for those who want to give but don’t want to buy a book.  It will have to be done in his name and we’ll brainstorm with the church what we can give at specific goal points to those who help us reach them.

Only you can help us.  Only you can make this miracle happen.

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