Random Randomness

First day of my vacation and it has been a very relaxing day altogether, even though I’ve been awake since six thirty this morning. Why was I up so early?  One reason, someone had to get Colin up and off to school.

I don’t mind early days but they always make me sleepy earlier than normal unless I’m working.  With no work today, I crashed in my chair just after seven instead of editing SoNL. Not good, I know. Hard to concentrate when your eyes don’t want to stay open.

Rather than editing today, which I should have been doing, I was working on painting my wind chimes. The butterflies are looking nice but to paint it without getting paint on the rest I had to dismantle it. All I can say is it is looking very nice and not too eye bleeding bright.

Other than painting, I didn’t do much else except spend some time with Mom.  Now there is some good news.  Right at dinner time, she got a call from the temp agency saying the place she wanted the most wants her to start work Wednesday afternoon.

She is doing her version of a squee happy dance.  Mom has been out of work since October.  We were both beginning to worry.  Being 66 doesn’t make one desirable for most places no matter how much experience she has.

You know, the relief that she now has a job could have also contributed to my evening nap.  That is a lot of stress off her shoulders and mine. Stressful for me because I do worry about her.  Mom is not someone who likes to sit idle all day.

Poor Miss Kitty, her cat, will have to get used to being home alone during the day again.  LOL

Going to try to edit tomorrow after I get done at the chiropractor. Twenty odd chapters to get done and not a lot of time to do it in.