Progress on Society

No, not today’s society.  No one wants to listen to my opinions on the atrocious degradation of today’s society.  We’ll save that for a very special post on another blog that few will ever see.  Nah, the society in question tonight is Society of Night and Lies.  (Honestly, I still need to come up with a book title. That’s the trilogy title.)

Since the weekend I have pondered how I should re-write chapter eight.  This chapter is Sabrina tells her past to Jason.  For a while I have asked myself ‘Why would she be telling anyone that much about her past?  That wasn’t what he was wanting to know.’  Then, last night, while I am letting my mind relax by playing a few rounds of Jewels Legend in bed and the idea comes to me.  Instead of totally re-writing this chapter, change it so there are internal thoughts which will tell the reader the how and why, but have her only give the more pertinent information in the dialog of their conversation.

Sabrina has kept her past a secret for a while.  There’s no real need to blab about it to someone she’s only known part of that time.  Sure, she trusts Jason, but she isn’t sure where his allegiances lie because the Claw and Fang want him dead and they want her to do the deed.  For all she knows, he could be working for another, similar, group and she has been targeted by them.  While possible, nothing has been said about it in the past and he’s acting pretty secretive as well.

There’s a twist to add into the story.  I’ll have to think about that while I go over chapter eight.

Which brings me to something else.  I need to download and re-read the short stories the creator of this world and owner/player of the character Jason Foxworth (who is a totally awesome guy, good looking and very talented).   He will be getting the main mention when it comes time to publish.  This is his world and I’m only borrowing it for this trilogy.  I’m just glad he’s allowing me to use it and publish.

Back to the original topic…

This will definitely work this chapter, but I’ll have to see if it’ll work for the others where she’s going on about her past.  Only this one has any real information that useful. The rest, I think, can be cut down to a paragraph or two and worked into the ongoing story.

Be honest, does this sound like a workable solution to prevent a lot of re-writing?

On a side note, tomorrow, the 9th, is my 41st birthday.  It’s amazing I managed to live this long without something going horribly wrong considering the accidents I’ve had in youth.  So, if there’s no post tomorrow, you now know why.