Be a Good Samaritan

Help me raise money to help the homeless and needy of Tulsa, Oklahoma, by purchasing my book, Black Friday.  All the royalties earned during this year will be going straight into the church’s funds to feed and rent/lease/buy a new building.

Currently, we are a church without a home.  With luck, we’ll be borrowing the Beams of Light Church so we can have our weekly sermon in a warm and safe environment.  With even more luck, the Baptist church just across the lot will allow us to use their kitchen so we can make a warm meal for those who attend the sermon.  Trust me, there are many homeless people who do come to listen to Pastor Greg and look for us every Sunday.angel

I’ve volunteered my time and skills with the church at every chance I can.  This last Sunday, I went to the VFW just off Peoria and helped to hand out sandwiches and some delightful cookies to the homeless that came by seeking their weekly dose of God and the comforting presence of Pastor Greg.  I’m not sure where we’ll be meeting this Sunday, but hopefully, it will be in a building.

To buy a book, visit my main book site at or you can visit Amazon, Barns&Noble and most popular book sites to find your copy of Black Friday.  Just search by my name, Candace Gauger.

I intend to have two more books coming out this year.  The first should be appearing on Smashwords around April or May, and the second depends on how quickly I am able to find an agent and publisher.  But, there is another novella about ready should the second not be ready until next year.  Title and links will be posted once they are ready.  The earnings from these will also be going into the church fund.

It is my goal to reach a minimum of $2500 before December.  It isn’t much, but it is a good beginning for this church.