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It’s Sunday again.  This week has been a busy one but not as hectic as before my birthday.  I found out Monday that I was being cursed during my week of vacation.  Not only was I out, but two others were down sick for a few days.  They were mega-short on techs and they were slammed.

Well… I didn’t expect anyone to be sick and neither did they.  Sometimes, Murphy’s Law likes to sneak up and backhand everyone just to see how well they can handle the pressure.  According to sales and the weekly reports, they handled it just fine.

But, that isn’t what this post is about.  But, it does hint at what will be done in Black Friday 2.  For the curious, I’m going to give a few ideas of what will be going to happen.  Much of this is what I think would naturally happen.    To help with it, I’ve watched a little Survivor Man, talked to a few people who have done similar things.  I’ve even sought out the opinions of co-workers and friends on how they think people would respond and how they would react to finding out if they were a therian or if someone they knew and respected was a therian.

Just think, this is the closest I have come to actually plotting out a story.  Strange… isn’t it?  Especially since I’m a write by the seat of your pants type of writer.

Karina, her mate, adopted son, and her son’s best friend and former pet have gotten their growing menagerie of new therians into a safe place where they can rest, heal, and learn while winter rages around them.  Considering the season and where they are, it won’t be an easy task surviving the cold ravages of winter.

Their first task is to patch holes in walls, windows, and roofs to get through the first big storm.  Think of this storm as the one we had at the beginning of Snowmagen here in Oklahoma and other states in the nation.  If you guessed a blizzard, then you will be correct.  Thankfully, this type of weather will work to their advantage.  For now.

If you are thinking what I’m thinking, then you know this is no global takeover by a smart, if clueless, mouse and his insane and funny companion.  We won’t even consider what the kids will look like if Binky and Pippy get married.

I’ve given this a lot of thought.  They’ll have to find food, learn to hunt while hunting, repair their new and possibly temporary home, while making sure no one but other therians will find them hiding deep in the Appalachian Mountains.  Their only real godsend is the place they found is off the main trail tucked away in a valley.

Tensions will be running high between them while personalities clash and spark heated arguments.  I can almost bet Karina will not be as calm when spring starts to warm the snow-covered land.  Other things will be happening as well when all of them realize that Nature’s call will affect each of them at some point or another.  By then, Karina will be ready to step in her role to give back to her people who their battle with the sorcerers took from them at their last stand.


Those diabolical magic users haven’t been wiped out.  Not by a long shot.  They’re doing their own planning and setting into motion plans which will threaten the peaceful therians in more ways than one.  The sorcerers will even have some help from someone among Karina’s group.  I know who that person is.  They’ll be shown why you can’t trust a magic user during their darkest hour.

Personally, I think this book will go well beyond the 50 or even 80K mark.  There won’t be as many time jumps and the POV will also change some to give the reader a better sense of what is happening and why.  Definitely won’t be dropping so many names like I did in the first but those I did use will be appearing at one point or another in this one.


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