#Writemotivation Mondays

Well… not much to post on this topic this week.  I haven’t done squat on either of my goals.  Wait, that isn’t quite true.  I have considered titles for SoNL Book 1.  The Past Through Shadows is clunky and long and while true, still doesn’t quite fit the story itself.

This is why I need beta readers as well as those willing to critique.  It’s not a happy book or even one where everybody ends up loving one another before the middle of the story as come to pass.  Dark, gritty, violent, that is this book.

Now that things have finally calmed down at work, I will be able to sit down and focus on editing and re-writing.  I may not make it to chapter 15 before month’s end, but I’ll be well on my way toward it.  I doubt I’ll touch Black Friday 2 until next month.  It deserves more of my focus than what I can give it now.

Well, short and sweet this week.  I hope y’all are starting to get into the flow of the new year and preparing to dive head first into your writing and artistic endeavors.