It Lives!

As the quote says, it lives.  What is it that lives right now, other than, you know, us and others reading this silly sentence?  My car, that is what lives again.  It has been a stressful couple of days without my car, too.

Let it go on record that I don’t take the best of care of my vehicles.  More than one has been driven until it finally gave up the ghost.  The van I had before leaving Arkansas is proof.  It died the day after I sold it.  It was going to be parts regardless.

Long story short, since Saturday, when I’d start the car it would hesitate like it was debating on dying or working then going in favor of working.  I did intend to take it to my brother’s on Thursday to have him check it out, but, Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, it stuttered then refused to move.  The battery had given its last.  If it could have rolled over, it would have and thankfully it didn’t take anything with it.

The battery was five years old and definitely got a lot of use in that time.  The diagnosis my brother gave was it had boiled over and the posts were corroding.  Okay, no problem though I did wonder how a battery could boil over.  No, I did not ask him.  I Googled it.  Either way, I could jump it but not too many times before it would fully give out.  New batteries are not cheap by any standard and I was cringing just at the thought it before knowing the price.

Keith, my brother, let me know some very vital and money-saving information; he bought it at Wal-Mart.  Thank all that’s holy!  I only needed to wait for payday; which is in a week and a half.  ICK!

Thanks to dad, I was able to get my son to the doctor and to work.  Mom, bless her soul, got me home yesterday and we enjoyed a quiet dinner together at the Village Inn.  If you haven’t tried it yet, go and enjoy their Southwestern Salad.  It’s kicky and totally delish.

Also thanks to mom, I was able to have AAA give me a jump-start this morning.  I could have had them replace it then, but I wasn’t about to shell out $120 or so.  Nah, I decided to go where I know I get a discount.  When I can afford it, I’ll be joining AAA.  They responded very quickly.  With an estimated 45 minute wait time, I only had to wait 10 minutes tops.  The technician trying to get any kind of reading from the battery took a bit longer.  He was very thorough and I appreciated it.

Extra stressful day yesterday had me in no real mood to write anything about the book of the day, Society of Night and Lies.  Since today is a news day, or free write night to turn a phrase, I decided to do it tonight.

I’m not going to talk much about the novel and how far behind I am in editing.  Nah, I’ve got better.  It’ll the focus of the blog tour I’m participating in next week.  SQUEE!

This one is a get to know you tour of up and coming novelists.  I’ve pondered the questions given to me and I think I’ve got good answers that don’t come off as sarcastic or lame, or ditzy sounding.  My main problem will be in rambling.  (See paragraphs above about the car)  I have got to keep myself from wandering off on other tangents while doing these.

The blog tour will last from Jan 29th to Feb 1.  I’ll have links to others who are in for this blog ride as well, so please, enjoy them all and pass the word around.  I’m already creating posts and links for Facebook, Twitter, G+, and the art forums I’m in.  I’ll even make a post on LinkedIn as well, and that is where this one got its beginning.  😉

Now, I am considering putting in a prize for some random person who comments on that post during those days.  Since I don’t have the cash to give out free copies of Black Friday, I can do a sketch of a chosen character in someone’s book or pick something my DA gallery for print.  Sound good?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?

No… back to work.  Let me know your thoughts about the tour prize.  I’m curious to know.  Have you joined tours or hops to help promote your work also?


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