Friday’s Furry Moment #fiction #erotica #anthro

Sorry this post comes a couple of days late.  It has sat in my mind waiting patiently to be written since I left work Friday.  Still not a good excuse.

But, I have looked over my ‘erotic’ stories and have considered doing a bit of re-writing as far s the sex scenes themselves.  Rewriting as in toning down the graphic part of sex and embellishing it to bring out more of the emotion of the moment.  Reading those passages in The Gift and Noble Obligation, I don’t feel the emotion in them.  Sure, they feel right as far as writing, and I can visualize what they are doing, but I cannot feel what these characters are feeling.

Thankfully, I have picked up a few more books on writing emotion which helped me see that those scenes were lacking.  On that deep instinctual level, I knew something was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Now that I am more aware of what isn’t there, I can do something about it.  Along with the rest of the scenes in each of these stories.

My Nano 2011 novel, Trysts of the Hearts may not see release until much later than expected.  I was considering a June release on Smashwords.  But, now, I’m thinking October or even November.  A November release will make getting that new novel done a bit more difficult to do, but I think I can swing it.

I want to have at the very least, six or seven short stories for this first one.  If the niche I’m aiming for likes it, along with others, I’ll put out another one.  But these will definitely stories will be tied together.  Test of Ascension will be a bridge between this compilation and future ones.  The goddess Bast appearing in a few of Trysts of the Hearts stories will not be there in books at Test of Ascension.

Pretty good idea?  It’ll chain these stories in Haven together in a way that they fit beautifully.

For this compilation of erotic short stories, I am needing beta readers and CPs now.  

I’ll take anyone who is willing to help go over the completed stories while I work on the rest of them.  

Comment if you are willing to read these stories.  None of them are very long.  I promise.