Getting to Know Blog Hop – Day 2

Yesterday was a good start to the blog hop.  I’ve seen many people stopping by and checking out my thoughts on my writing and places to eat.  I sometimes wonder what people think of my blog when I’m on a non-book day of posts, or playing catch up.

Because I posted an excerpt of Society of Night and Lies in this blog hop, I didn’t bother writing a post strictly about it.  No need to say the same thing twice.

I’m keeping this short and sweet tonight.  There’s allergy meds trying to kick my butt along with a long and busy day at work.  I will part with this; my co-workers are pleased with this invitation and with the amount of responses I’ve seen.  It does help to have a supportive team at the day job.

While you’re visiting my blog, why not hop over to here and check out the other authors who are joining me in this fun endeavor.


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