Tuesday’s Society Thoughts #urbanfiction #fiction #fantasy #amwriting #edit

I’m going to keep this rather short this week.  Due to a change in my work hours, trying to write a normal post takes more effort than I can give.  I may go in to work later, but that also means I don’t get home until later which makes everything else done later.  These posts come too close to bedtime for the time being.

Yes, I know I can write them as soon as I log in, but I have my habit set and changing that will take time.  So will adjusting to these later hours.

I need to make SoNL my obsession if I am to get anything at all done with the editing and revising process.  It needs to be the only thing I think about when I’m not thinking about my son and the bills I need to pay.

Thanks to a friend of mine over on FA, I have a way to bring more clarity to my characters.  Not just in Society of Night and Lies, but in all my stories.  This includes my cliché ridden novel in progress, Way of the Comet.  It’s quite simple, too.

What I found is one of those meme things you see traveling around the internet.  In the furry fandom, they do a lot of traveling; some more than others.  This one is a bit long, but it asks for details to give someone a good picture of what their personality is like.  The characters I’ll be using it on first will be in SoNL.  They need the most clarification; most especially Sabrina and Jason.

Though it isn’t seen now, they will build a relationship that goes beyond friendship, but not before they see it ripped to shreds in book two, and built back up and flourishing in book three once Jason realizes a few things.  There is a lot of time passing between the three books in which I’ll be doing all of this.

Between book one and book two, there will be a year or two.  Between book two and three, about eight years or so and things have changed as far as their personal relationship goes and how she is seen by her boss (Mindy’s husband) and others.

With this meme, I’ll interview each character.  I may post Sabrina, Jason, and Mindy’s completed memes.  But then again, you all may get to see each of these characters.  Dean, the main antagonist, you’ll love to hate as much as I so.  With Gerin, the man who took Sabrina in, gave her an education and encouraged her to do her best in everything, including killing, you may feel some pity for him, but then again, you may dislike him for the same reasons Sabrina does.

Have you found ways to make your characters seem more real?