Long Running Comet for Saturday

Even though I get off early on Saturdays now, I am still posting this late at night.  I can honestly say I am doing things before writing my posts, but not all of it writing related.  I’m sure some of you can guess what I was doing.

I have looked at Way of the Comet recently and thought about the last post I had written about it.  I mentioned in it a creature that definitely a creation of my own and not mainstream at all.  Dungeons & Dragons doesn’t have a blip on this creature anywhere in its many books and sites.

It was even mentioned in one of the excerpts I posted; the kiyrie.

What is this creature you ask?

A kiyrie is a feline-like winged  creature capable of some shape changing and magic.  It wasn’t an animal that evolved like others.  Its very base form, the feline, was created by the spirit of the Earth when it finally became conscious and alive.  All the other creatures came from somewhere else and evolved over time, they weren’t true creations of the Earth.

The spirit of the Earth took bits from different wild cats and a few other creatures to form the first kiyrie (pronounced kee-EYE-ree).  At the time, it was simply a feline looking creature capable of a small amount of magic.  When Bast found it, she demanded that it be destroyed because other creations have tried to destroy the planet and they just got things back to a more natural state.  The short story of it is, the Earth said no and hid her creation.  Bast finds it.  They argue and the first kiyrie is cursed into being only simple wild animals for eternity.  The Earth, in a fit, makes a work around for her creature so they are able to shift between anthro and feral forms, but if they stay in their feral forms for too long, they will forget themselves and stay feral until they die.  Cue a few Fate planned acts and they eventually gain wings, more magic, ad develop their own society.  That’s the long and short of it.  I have stories of each ‘evolution’ they’ve gone through to get where they are in current Haven history.

In Way of the Comet, they make an appearance when Larana is captured by the enemy and force shifted so they can keep her caged for their own nefarious deeds.  The griffon she speaks to in the camp is a kiyrie that has lost many of his memories from being in one form too long.  Thanks to the higher functioning griffon mind, he hasn’t lost all, just a good part until he is forced to shift again into a feral state.  Then, he may be lost forever.

Now, the kiyrie, whether trapped in a different form other than their original or free, they probably won’t play a big part in the story itself.  They may give Larana some insights and a stepping stone to get her closer to her goal before it’s too late.

For now, she needs to get out of her cage and it looks like she may have to convince Hawk to help her and organize the rest of the beasts so they can escape.  Slavery is a bad thing and she does not like being sold and stolen.  Which could prove to be an interesting scene or two before the cavalry arrives.  I know there’s going to be a very mad lion to deal with the canines of that camp.

The ideas are coming to get through this block, but so far, nothing is really coming together enough to be solid and good for the story.  We’ll see what happens when I finally move this story closer to the top of the list.  Who knows, the muse just may decide to focus on this story for a while after I finish revisions on others.