Catch Up Day the Month in Review + #writemotivation Goals

I have been quiet for far too long.  Too many worries, too many hours at work, and not enough time given to revising and writing because I don’t want to look at my manuscripts.  I’m not just terrified of succeeding, I’m also a terrible procrastinator by sitting on Facebook way too much.  Most nights, that’s all I have the energy to do.

February has been a fun month (note the sarcasm there if you will).  It started off okay with me filling scripts and taking calls behind a nice, safe, counter, and just making people feel better.  Then, it happens.  I made one too many mistakes that could have hurt people.  End result, I was demoted; which put me into a bad funk.  Either way, things were not going to be good for me.

I was either going to be a sales associate stocking shelves and showing people around the store because they can’t, or won’t, read a sign, or end up on a front register where I will end up having a nervous breakdown because the vast majority of the customers have no idea what personal space is or how to keep out of my bubble.  If I can smell your breath and feel how hot it is, you are too damn close.  Too many want to lean in very close and talk in a normal voice or louder when asking a question about something that needs no privacy.  “Where are the curtains?”

That everything that’s holy for a manager who not only knows me well but knows how well I work (we’ve worked together before).  I may be slow, but I get the job done and it looks professional and clean.  Instead of going to be a cash slave, he snatched me up and put me on the floor to help change modulars (displays), stocks shelves, and keep everything neat and clean on the shelves.  In Health and Beauty, you have to keep on top of the makeup department or it’ll turn into a nightmare fast.

Now, you can understand why I’ve been so quiet.  My work schedule changed, which has thrown off my routine.  I’m more tired in the evening due to the higher workload and mentally tired as well.  I am adjusting nicely and not quite so run down.  My days off are split, which makes adjusting harder, but still possible.  Thursdays I am on the run from noon until dinner time with therapy for my son, come home to cook, then I can sit down to relax and spend some time with the boy.  He comes first before all things.

Now that I have a shiny, new-er, computer that doesn’t bog down at the sight of YIM coming online, I can zoom through the email and other time-wasting activities to spend time working on my novels.  Speaking of working on novels, I’ve my goals to show off for #Writemotivation.

Yes, it is that time again.  At least now I have something to focus on and a very good reason to focus.

1) Revise chapter 8 of Society of Night and Lies and edit through chapter 15.

2) Consider names for book one of SoNL.

3) Try to work on Black Friday 2

4) Think of a name for Black Friday 2

I know, I’ve had these same four goals for the past two months.  In that time, I haven’t touched them at all.  I just explained why for this month, but I digress.  But, I will add one more goal to that list which will be more of a spare time thing.

5) Pre-write the Blogging from A to Z in April entries.  

I have a very good theme in mind and it is one I will enjoy writing about with examples to go with the terms used.  No, I won’t tell what it is, now.  You have to wait and see what I come up with.

Enjoy your month and the changes in my writing schedule once I get back to writing my posts again.

3 thoughts on “Catch Up Day the Month in Review + #writemotivation Goals

  1. Ugh, job changes can always throw you off. Sorry you’ve had a hard time of it lately, but glad things are smoothing out!

    It’s also entertaining how many of us Tulsa #Writemotivation peeps have “Write all A-Z posts” as a March goal, lol.

    1. Thanks. It certainly makes it rough.

      Adding writing the A-to-Z posts this month was a last minute addition on the personal level rather than for #writemotivation. Still, it will be fun trying to meet all of these before month’s end.

  2. I completely identify with the need for personal space and hate when people violate it. It just grosses me out!

    I think I need to take a cue from you and Rebekah and add pre-writing A to Z to my goals.

    Hang in there at work. I look forward to reading your new postings.

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