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Uhg!  When did the past week end?  Last I knew, it was Wednesday and I was trying to write my post for the week.  Either way, it got away from me.  You can guess the reasons; kid, work, life, you know what I mean.

I’m back to a more normal work shift which has Colin very happy.  I’m home for dinner, we get to have some play time together, and time to dance together for our exercise.  After a few weeks of coming home with barely enough time to eat before he’s in bed, I needed the catch up time with him.

As far as my writing goes, I’ve barely touched anything, but I do have a firm visual in mind for the cover of Black Friday 2 and a couple of name ideas for it, too.  Imagine a pair of eyes staring back at you with the outline of a human, or feline, face set against a very shadowy background.  Reflected in the eyes, or as a part of the background, two wolves, a fox, and a large cat are staring out toward a street, forest, or maybe some mountains they have to travel through.  I can see the eyes so clearly in my mind, it’s driving me nuts, but the background is still too vague to really start a sketch.

That cover idea does give me some ideas on what to do next in the story as they settle into their new winter home.  It is something, though not the progress I’m wanting.  No actual writing has been done, yet, on the book.

Speaking of writing, I have done more than just open the file on SONL during this last week.  I’ve reread the chapter and figured out what is going to be internalized and what will be spoken.  I’ve also jotted down an idea or two on what Jason’s reaction will be.  He’ll definitely have a few choice words to say once she fesses up.  Well, not completely, the need to keep secrets is strong in this one.

There’s also plenty of places that will need some more work, too, to see more of her thought process.  Even Mindy will get a bit more camera time with her reactions to Jason’s resentment toward her for her part in capturing him.  He is being an ass (pardon the language), so she needs to be more than a sweet and gentle lady with the training and background she has.  Things might get a bit rough to help him fall back to sleep after taking his medicine.  *cue evil grin*


Writemotivation Goal Check!

1) Finally do the edits and revisions to chapters 8 through 15 on SoNL.

No writing yet, but now I have a better idea on how to organize the thoughts in chapter 8 and noted down some ideas for previous chapters.

2) Try to come up with a good name for the book itself while I edit.

A good name is still elusive for SONL.  No progress here, yet.

3) Try to write at least one more chapter to Black Friday 2.

No writing here, either, but I have a better idea on what is going to happen during the winter besides Karina’s parents arriving with more therians.  I’ve got my main foci selected, but a couple of secondary foci may pop up in the ones yet to come.  How much time they’ll have at this old resort remains to be seen.  I need figure out what Karina needs to do other than gain the knowledge she needs then start plotting a way to First Home.  A new path will have to be made before anyone can get to or come from their sacred birth place.

4) Brain willing, come up with names for Black Friday 2.

A couple of ideas have come to mind.  I’ll post them ones I can refine them a bit further.

5) Revise the beginning to Test of Ascension

This one is a true maybe.  The others need to be accomplished before I can do this one.

6) Schedule posts for the A to Z Blog tour (last minute addition after the originals were added)

Progress here!  Until today, all I had was B wrote down.  I now have up to letter I as well as a few others such as L, M, R, and Z.  This one is tip, top, secret, but I can assure you, you’ll love it.  It is definitely all one theme, too.



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  1. Wow, lots of #writemotivation progress going on here! This is my 5th or 6th go at committing to writing goals for the month and I’m not doing so hot at the moment, so it’s nice to see others accomplishing much more. I’ve never tried the A to Z thing but it sounds like a lot of work so well done for getting so on top of it. Good luck!

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