Revisions… Finally!

Finally, after several months, I’m working on the revisions for SONL.  I should have been done with all of them by now and working on my query letter and synopsis to send off to agents and publishers.  This is one story I just know is going to be well received by practically anyone.  For one thing, the story line is far better than Black Friday and more than just the furry community will like it.

There’s action , humor, and suspense, and a tiny smidgen of romance (not with the leading characters), and sadly, death.  This book has two of the secondary chars biting the bullet, literally.

Basically, what I’m doing is putting to use some of what I’ve learned from the books on writing I’ve received.  I’m working on Chapter seven, it needed some work and padding for the scenes to make better sense.  Then!  Then I’ll go through chapter eight and make it so Sabrina isn’t giving away her past too easily.  Jason doesn’t need to know everything, just a few things.

Keeping this one short.  It’s 11:30 and I need some beauty (yeah right) sleep to get through work tomorrow.